Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another one in the books!

On Saturday I completed my 3rd 1/2 marathon in a month. It was the best one EVER!! The weather was perfect...not too hot...not too cold! No rain, which was a blessing! The event was organized wonderfully....they had lots of vendors there, lots of volunteers and lots of food. They had water and sports drink about every two miles, which is awesome. Even had Gu packets available which was great for energy! My Hubby came with me and he walked the race....and I ran it. My pace is super slow....or lets just say, his stride is bigger than mine!

I ran the entire 13.1 miles without stopping. This course had a lot of gradual hills, a couple of monster hills, and about 3/4 miles of gravel....which is hard to run on. I felt like I was running without shoes! Other than that, it was awesome!! I finished the race without any pain ~ Unfortunately I can't say I was pain free on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My quads were really talking to me. Anyway, I had a great time!!

I asked my Hubby if he had fun.....and he kind of said yes...and then I asked him what would have been better. He said if he could have talked to me it would have been better. He said I was no fun because he said he tried to talk to me, but I was too focused and did not pay any attention to him. I felt bad about that!!

Anyway, I finished this race in 3 hours and 23 minutes and I shaved off 8 minutes from my last race at 3 hrs 32 minutes. I was really excited about that. Another bonus - - So fun crossing the finishing line with my sweet Hubby!!

Next up....5k run with my Hubby and Daughter on July 4th!!

How are you doing?

Keep focused!!


  1. Great job on the half!!! I've only done one half before, but they passed out Gu (well, actually Clif Shots) but it definitely made a difference! Keep up your great work!!!

  2. Wonderful.

    It sounds as though you had fun and that's so important.

    You must have rested and iced the right way too to have been able to complete the race so well.

    What a proud moment to cross the line with your husband.


  3. SO AWESOME!!! Running the whole time is a HUGE accomplishment in itself- plus shaving off 8 minutes?? Stellar!!

  4. Congratulations on your 1/2 marathon! That is AMAZING! I've never ran that long of a distance so I am in AWE of you :)

  5. Joy!
    How wonderful for you that you completed another half marathon! And beat your old time and did not stop!! That must have been a marvelous feeling crossing the line with your hubby! Congratulations!