Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fear and Excuses!

Every time I go to the next level with my health and fitness I have fear and I want to make excuses as to why I should stay right where I am. These fears and excuses have kept me stuck a lot of times in my life. I have learned to overcome some of them, but for some, I have my heels dug in deep and I'm not willing to take a chance.

Example: I've been doing some things, for a long time, that are harmful to my body. These things I've grown to love and honestly I can't see living without them. I just don't want to give them up. My heels are dug in!

But you see, these things are harmful to my body. And some of these things, when given up, cause great pain of withdrawal. It takes me down for a couple of days.

But the thing I need to learn is....if I'm willing to give them up, then something new will replace it and it will be even better than what I've been hanging on to....

First thing I need to do.....

GIVE UP COFFEE!!! I know killer, right? My fear is, if I give it up, first off I will have terrible withdrawals...which I'm experiencing right now. I stopped drinking coffee on Monday and yesterday I went home from work with a raging headache and nausea. Had to drive home with one eye open because I would have gotten sick otherwise. So here my fear was realized. I knew I was going to get sick and I did. But here's the deal, already today, I feel better and I don't have pain from acid reflex! That was the reason why I needed to quit coffee, I've been having a lot of pain with acid reflex and coffee is the thing that I do most that causes this to happen.

So even though I was fearful and frankly I just did not want to give it up, but because I did, I'm already feeling the benefits from this decision!! Less pain in my throat!

The other thing I need to focus on. I want to get my blood pressure down. I want it in the normal range so I can get off the meds. Right now I take two pills for blood pressure. (I used to take 3 and was able to get off one, once I started losing weight and exercising). Anyway, the reason why I'm not pushing too hard is I don't really want to get off of one of my pills. It's a water pill and it helps me keep off about 2 pounds. HOW DUMB IS THAT? I don't want to make better choices for myself and get off these drugs because I'm fearful of gaining 2 pounds!!! See stupid fear and excuses. And they don't even make sense!

So now that I've confessed that last one, I feel like a load has been taken off my shoulders. I AM READY to over come these fears and excuses and I will to get this done.


I've got other things that I need to change to go to the next level. Every day I am more and more willing to take a chance! Every day I do the right thing, I feel better!!!

One thing I've learned is...You don't know how bad you feel until you feel good!!

I guess I've lived with this acid reflex for a long time. I did not know that was what it was, until I got my diet cleaned up while doing the 17 Day Diet. Those months I felt great and did not have the pain in the my throat from the acid reflex. The minute I went back to most of my old diet, the symptoms started right back up and I've been suffering ever since. Now it is increasing and it's really uncomfortable.

I have super motivation to get this under control and I am truly willing to do what I have to do.

So bye bye coffee and a whole list of other things that are bad for me. I'm ready for excellent health!!

How about you....Do you have fears and excuses?

Keep focused!!!!


  1. For me, I always have fear OF excuses! I have a hard time telling if I am making an excuse about something, or if a reason is valid.
    Caffeine is a similar situation for me. I drink a coffee protein drink in the AM - it's NOT what you would call a "clean" food, at all. I am striving to eat clean. I am afraid to give it up. I don't even know why! Maybe I feel like it's my last treat? Something to delve into... Thanks for this post!

  2. I'm right with you, including the coffee. I'm dumping it starting tomorrow (had already made that decision), so I'm hoping to be clear of the headaches by Sunday! *crossing fingers* Good for you on moving forward!

  3. I also have some acid reflux, and it does clear up when my diet is clean. As soon as I start my old ways of eating, it is back, and it keeps me up at night. I don't know why some of these things that we know are not good for us are so hard to give up. I've give up chocolate, and have felt so much better (acid reflux gone), but I had a bit today, and the reflux came right back. Will I never learn?

  4. My fear helps me overcome my excuses. It is the fear that I will slip back. I am not afraid of new challenges, I am afraid of my past catching up with me.