Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When you started your health and fitness journey, did you think you were doing it just for you? I sure did. I had NO idea how my journey would affect other people.

I wrote about a family member who is in very poor health. Check it out at Fuel To My Fire.

Please know that this man has struggled with drug addiction since he was a teenager. He's 48 years old today. He has broken his back 2 times and just a short time ago, he was still on narcotics, hospitalized and bed bound. His pain was unmanageable and frankly he just did not want to live anymore.

As previously reported, I told you that he was inspired by my weight loss and fitness journey, especially all of the running and half marathons. He told me that he wants to train and try to do a 5k with me.

Well he called me today to give me a report on his progress. Since the first of June, this near bed bound man, is walking a 1/2 mile. He says, he has to stop some times, but feels that he's getting stronger every day. He also told me that his pain is very manageable now, without the use of drugs. He sound very happy and encouraged. He said that every day he tries to improve his distance. How cool as that.

So not such a big deal. Half mile, geez that's nothing. But here's the thing I learned today. Not only is he dealing with the things I mentioned above, but he also suffers from COPD and he's seeing his doctor next week for physical therapy on his weak heart.

So that 1/2 mile is a miracle!!

Bless him Lord!!

He inspires me!!!

Keep focused!


  1. I think it's great to surround yourself with people who inspire and are inspired by each other.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a beautiful, inspiring blessing! Amen to this!!

  3. You INSPIRE me! Girl!!! Listen to me! Get those books out of your head and on peper!!!!! Get writing!
    Love & hugs -
    Habe a pretty day!

  4. Very inspiring indeed and let me tell you, even before I saw the COPD I thought 1/2 mile is amazing. One foot in front of another and we all started somewhere!! God Bless to you and your family member!

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