Monday, June 25, 2012

No Joke - It Works!!

OK I have to report! Last week, I decided after much anguish, that I would give up coffee.  I know.....I know for some of us, this is like giving up a limb. Anyway, I did it and of course I suffered with withdrawal from the caffeine. I tell you, within a couple of days, my heartburn (Acid Reflex) was calming down. I had very little pain.

After one week, I am almost pain free! I wake up in the morning with no throat pain at all. Now during the day, I may eat something that flares it up again, but it's so minor compared to what I was dealing with before. Now the fun part is, I get to eliminate the other foods that don't agree with my body. Joy!

The other thing is.  Prior to giving up coffee. No matter how much I exercised or tried to eat right, I could not get my blood pressure lower than 130's over 80's.

Last week I was well under that!!

My best blood pressure was 120/54 ~ NORMAL!!

So exciting!!

Making a difference in my food and exercise is really making a difference in my life!! So measurable!

Now my plan is to keep tracking the BP and show my doctor the results. Maybe if I can keep it down, I will be able to get off of the blood pressure meds. Woo Hoo!!

So excited!!

How about you. Are you making a difference in your heath and fitness?

Keep focused!!


  1. I gave up coffee this weekend myself. I don't miss the coffee, but I miss the sweet, creamy ritual. I added a lot of things to my coffee, things I can't justify having without it, so... Well shoot. ;) BTW, my BP was always about 90/60, but when I am on coffee it's about 112/72 - big shift just for a cup of joe!

    The problem I am having is HOW tired I am. That's why I started drinking it to begin with. I don't know how to increase my energy and alertness without it, and this tiredness doesn't go away even after months without coffee, and the Drs won't listen. They just tell me to exercise, and when I tell them I do 6 days a week, they say "well do more!" Found any energy contributors without caffeine?

  2. That is great! Today I started a 100 day challenge to drink 64 ounces of water. I am one of those limb losing people when it comes to my coffee and diet coke. Maybe soon I'll say good bye to caffeine as well.

    I enjoy your blog. It and you are such an inspiration!

    Smile Bunches!

  3. Good for you. It is always good to get those quick confirmations of the right choices.

  4. So glad to hear that you're doing so well. Your photo shows all of your hard work. Giving up caffeine is tough, but I did it several years ago. I'm working on chocolate now, as I have been allowing myself a bit during my weight loss. The problem is that over time it seems to build up in my body and it keeps me awake and can give me heart palpitations. I need to go cold turkey!!

  5. I gave up caffeine in February to see if it helped my migraines. It took me over a month to get over the rebound headaches, but my migraines have not been back. Kudos to you for giving up caffeine!