Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Set Back ~ Really?

Have you ever had set back after set back? Seems I have had a few lately!! When I hurt my knee recently, I shared with my doctor that last year I had worked with another doctor who was helping me with my feet. I had had a lot of pain and after a bunch of tests they found that I have bone spurs on both heels and on top of the right foot, a problem with an old bunion surgery from years ago, found that 50% of my Achilles heel on the left foot is gone and the calf tendons in both legs are too short and they needed to be lengthened. That doctor suggested I have surgery to fix these problems. Unfortunately the week that I got this diagnoses, was the same week that I had my first Hemi Facial Spasm. It was decided because the spasms were more serious; I had to put the feet problems on the back burner.

As time went on the Hemi Facial Spasms subsided and so did the pain in my feet. I kind of forgot that I needed to get the surgery done. In talking with my new knee doctor, he felt that I needed to get a second opinion on my feet and see if surgery was really necessary. I have to tell you this did not make me happy!! I asked him why should I put myself through all of the pain and recovery of surgery when I'm not currently experiencing pain in my feet? He advised that, by waiting, I might be causing more damage and could complicate a future surgery.

Anyway to cut the story short, I went to the new foot doctor today. He reviewed my x-rays, MRI and chart notes and confirmed that I do have some pretty serious issues with my feet. However, instead of surgery, he would like to try physical therapy first!

He is very encouraged because of all the efforts I am taking to get the weight off. Said less weight would help a lot!!! He also recommended that I wear shoes with heels. He said that he almost never recommends that, but because of my situation it would be helpful!! Yeah cute summer shoes!!

So for now, I'm off the hook, well for surgery anyway. Does not mean I'm off the hook for hard work. Physical therapy is not easy!

The best and most amazing part of this whole thing is, that I was still trying to figure out how to stay healthy even if I had to have surgery. I was already thinking of a way to get my cardio in, I figured I could still lift weights and I could still watch my calorie intake. I was reminded that no matter what happens in my life, I can still make the right healthy choice and I don't have to quit my program or plan because "life happens". This is a huge break through for me!!

Anyway, have you thought about what you would do to stay healthy when life throws you a curve ball? What is your plan?


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