Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Rewards

I have noticed something new about myself. I like rewards. I mean I really like them! Rewards seem to motivate me!!

For example: This weeks exercise schedule was the gym on Monday with my personal trainer, Tuesday was water aerobics, Wednesday was the gym (weights), Thursday was Stability Ball Class (I will talk more about that one later), Friday was the treadmill & stretches at home and Saturday was my reward!!! Lap swimming at the pool. I love it!!

Then I realized while I was at the pool this morning, during my lap time, I worked pretty hard and was looking forward to my next reward. After a hard swim I love to take the last 5 minutes and leisurely swim a couple of laps. Then every time I'm in the deep end, I spend some time just bobbing up and down in the water. Don't know why this makes me so happy. It's just really relaxing and it cools me down. You should try it!!

After bike riding my reward is taking the last 1/2 miles of my ride and I try to coast all the way home without pedaling. I go really fast ~ it's a little edgy because of the car dodging and sharp corners, but it's exhilarating!!!

I have not found any rewards yet for water aerobics other than I love talking with the ladies and encouraging them! I think my rewards for the gym time will be increasing my weights each time. That will be fun!!! And the only thing I can think of for a reward for the Stability Ball class is really just getting through the class alive!! I have never worked so hard in my life!!! It is a butt busting class for sure!!

Anyway I can see how motivating rewards are with my workouts. I am looking forward to creating some rewards for other things in my life. Rewards are great!!

What are your rewards? Think about it!!!


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