Friday, March 12, 2010

The Bad Things About Being Fat vs. The Good Things About Being Healthy

Just sitting here thinking about this whole journey. I never really took the time to think about what it's like being fat and what it has cost me.

What it's like ~ Well since I have been fat....
1.) I have probably been passed over for jobs, promotions and made less money.
2.) I have not been able to do the sports that I like: Skiing (water & snow), racquetball, and horse back riding to name a few.
3.) Clothes shopping! What a disaster! I have not been able to go into a regular store and buy clothes off of the rack for years. I mean cute clothes. Yes there are the "regular" stores that accommodate large sized people, but I am sick of the tent shaped clothes that have the large printed flowers all over them.
4.) I am sick of being invisible!!
5.) I am sick of not being able to fit into an airplane or theater seat. I am always worried that I may break a chair. One time I went to a wedding. It was outside and they had these really nice white chairs all in a row. You've seen them before. Anyway, I get to my seat just in time and the music begins. I take my seat and all of a sudden everyone hears "crack"!! I broke my chair. Do you know that I was in a sitting position the entire ceremony without a chair? It was still there, but it was completely broken and was no support what so ever. By the time the wedding was over my legs were burning, cramped and so sore that I could hardly walk. Needless to say, I did not do any dancing that night.
6.) It's hard to buy shoes, cute shoes, with fat feet!!
7.) Jewelry - have you ever tried to find a bracelet that fits?
8.) I have experienced the following health problems due to my weight: High blood pressure, high Cholesterol, bunions, carpal tunnel, sleep apnea, and feet and knee problems.

I am not saying it's not possible to look good when you are fat, because I do look good, but I only have one store that really has a good selection of stylish clothes and accessories. Pretty limited. And besides that, this store is very expensive - simple t-shirt is $20. It's expensive to be fat, everything that I need costs more!!

Have you ever watched those programs that have heavy women on them who say, "I love my body, I love my fat!" Paaalease!! I don't buy it. There are no good things about being fat! Well I guess there are some....I am speaking about myself....I used my fat to shield myself from people and to avoid reaching my potential. I used food to make me feel better, my comforter. Where did it get me? Nothing but heartache and despair!

Benefits of being healthy. In two and half months I am only taking two blood pressure medications instead of three. My skin has cleared up. I went down a whole size in clothes. I can go up stairs without having a heart attack. I can walk anywhere (There was a time where I could not walk from my car to the mall doors). I know how much water I drink and how many calories I eat each day. I work out 5-6 days per week. I have more energy and I look and feel better!!! I have focus, I am determined, I am excited and I'm reaching toward my goal!!

Being healthy has so many benefits. I chose health. How about you?


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