Monday, March 8, 2010

Chubby Legs In Short Shorts

Had my first session with my personal trainer and it went pretty well. I am encouraged, as I'm not as bad off as I thought, I am pretty strong. I do think I will be a little sore tomorrow!!

My advice is to never wear short shorts to your first visit with a trainer. First thing she did was put me on the bike, in the front row, in front of the mirror. All I could see was chubby legs and a whole lot of them! I am quite sure that I turned some heads in the gym, not in a good way. This did not make me feel too attractive. But you know I gritted it out!! I worked my hiney off and I did not care what people thought!! The whole time I was thinking, "Yeah go ahead and laugh, this is temporary!! My legs won't always be chubby!!"

My trainer put me on a reasonable plan for now and I am excited to get going. Monday and Wednesday is cardio & weights, Tuesdays is water aerobics, Thursday is stability ball class and Friday is cardio.

Waiting to get to the nutritionist!!

Words of wisdom - "Be all you can be, do what you can and don't ever, ever, ever, ever give up!!"


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