Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sick Of Myself

Geez after reading my last blog ~ I'm sick of myself!! To be honest I have been on a little pity party for a while. I have lost my "joy"!!! Mostly I think it's because I've put so much focus on my "poor" health and lost sight of what I'm really supposed to do. And that is to keep focused on the plan and do the best I can everyday. If I eat well, exercise, take care of myself mentally, spiritually and physically, take care of my family, work and have a little fun, if I do it well, then the rest is up to the Lord. If he sees fit for me to have injuries, then I am to face it with "joy". If I lose a pound or two or gain some, I am to face it with "joy". If I get bad news from the doctors, if I wreck my car, if I eat too much, if I, if I, if I do whatever it is and do it with "joy", then the rest is up Him. This whole thing is really out of my hands and EVERYTHING is in His!!

Boy that takes the pressure off. Does it mean I live carelessly, without rules, and basically run amok? NO!! I still have to honor Him with all I do and with all I am. If I am obedient to Him I believe He will take care of the rest.

Today I decided that everytime I had a pain, I would pray for someone who was sick. If I thought about my finances, I would pray for someone who does not have a job. If I thought about how dirty my house is, I would pray for the people in Haiti or Chile. If I was upset with my kids, I would pray for families that can't have children. Whatever my problems are, I am taking the focus off of me and I'm praying for others. Try it!!

Do you do your best everyday? I am praying that you do!!


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  1. I always strive for the best but sometimes fall short. Sometimes it is easier to fail than to thrive. I wish it was easier to thrive and harder to fail.....but I suppose there is a reason that we have to work at it! ;)