Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Set Back ~ Serious?

OK I am starting to freak out!!! I had another little set back yesterday. Was not feeling well, did not get enough food or water in, but decided to drag myself to the gym anyway. I should have listened to my body and turned around and went home. The first 5 minutes on the treadmill just about killed me!! I did not let it stop me. I pushed through and made it to 30 minutes ~ barely moving, but I made it!! Then I went through my weight routine. Did pretty well and toward the end I decided to see how long I could hold myself in a plank position. I made it to 1 minute 10 seconds and then I heard a "pop" just above my left eyebrow and then I got an extreme headache. I thought oh my gosh, I've blown something in my brain!! Thankfully the headache subsided after a few minutes but I decided to quit my workout and go home.

It's really frustrating because I have had 3 exercise injuries since January, in the emergency room for 2 of them. I just could not bear to go again. I thought I would rather die then go in with another exercise injury. So I waited the night out and felt pretty good by morning. I did call the doctor and she was OK with what happened as I did not have any other symptoms and the headache had subsided. Whew!!

I did end up doing my regular exercise this morning - treadmill for 30 minutes and my physical therapy stretches and then this afternoon I went on a 16 mile bike ride!!!

On my bike ride I hit a rut and almost biffed it on the street. Thank goodness my arms are getting stronger; they helped me pull out of a wreck!!

You know I really wonder why the Lord is allowing all of this to happen. I mean here I am trying to get this weight off. I am doing everything I am supposed to do and I just keep getting road blocks. I guess the lesson here is I have not given up. I am still extremely motivated and excited to get this weight off. Road block, obstacles, injuries or mishaps~I'M NOT GIVING UP!!!!

How about you ~ if this happened to you ~ would you still be fighting to get to your goal? Think about it!!


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