Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Changing Seasons...

January 2010 I started my health and fitness journey. It's such an easy time to get started on a health plan, because every body's doing it. OK well a lot of people start their plan, go to the gym, buy exercise equipment and so on. So it's a great time to get started!

I got through the winter months and did pretty well with my plan. Surprisingly I was still focused when Spring hit and slid into summer without a problem.

Fall's here and I'm struggling!! Comfort food is calling my name and I'm starting to listen. I am so craving stew and cornbread, stroganoff, chili and soup. I know I can make these things low fat, meatless and I can use whole grain noodles. But that's not what I want ~ I want the real deal!!

The other time!! Tuesday's are my water aerobics day. So last night, I get home from work and I totally forgot about my class. Did not even think about it until it was almost over. Truth be told....I had a fabulous night. Did what I wanted to do. I lit the candles, turned on all of my mood lighting, paid some bills, folded laundry and then watched the Biggest Loser. I had a great night! I really had fun, all hunkered down in my cozy home...But I forgot about my class!!!

Then tonight I wanted to go to the gym, but by the time I got home, I started losing my enthusiasm. Then hubby came home, making it even harder to leave. He said, "Well, why don't you stay home, you can go to the gym tomorrow." I thought about it for about a minute.....and decided to go!!!

So glad I did. I had a great workout!!!

The other thing that I'm struggling with is, I find that I'm needing to go to bed earlier and I'm having a hard time waking up on time. So frustrating!!!

We are barely into fall...and Christmas is just around the corner and I'm am struggling....I am worried with the busyness of everything and the desire to stay at home, that I will abandon my plan....Yikes!

Fortunately I did do something that may help....I joined a fitness challenge at my gym. It starts next Monday. Part of the deal is I get a nutrition class scheduled in October, a holiday survival class scheduled in November and a stress management class scheduled in December. I get a free body comp and 1 free hour with my trainer. Whoever loses the most weight by the end of December gets a prize. I am pretty excited about this...I think it would be so awesome to win this contest!!! I hope this will get me energized and help me get through the holidays!

Anyway, my question to you is.....what do you do when you struggle with the changing of the seasons? How do you stay on your plan, when you would really like to be doing something else?



  1. First of all, kudos to you for deciding to go.

    I have that fear, too. I've gone two weeks without a binge, and I start thinking, "Oh, gosh. When is it going to happen? How bad is it going to be?" But honestly, getting back on that horse is getting easier and easier because of the changes I've made (am making) in my life. I guess they build on each other.

  2. My struggle happens more at the end of the season I'm leaving. Where I live, every season is wonderfully moderate weather-wise (this summer has been a tough exception!!), so I get excited every time the season changes. I am so ready to move out of the doldrums of the season I'm in and on to something new. The arrival of cool days, start of the Hot 100 challenge and getting out my fall decorations have me so motivated. Try thinking of it as a new beginning with new and exciting opportunities that are different from those during the summer. Good luck! I think you are on the right track!

  3. Fall is always a difficult season. The cold weather makes me want to stay indoors and eat comforting, warm, hearty meals...and not move! Congrats on joining the challenge at your gym. What a great way to stay accountable through the season. Sounds like they have some great learning sessions included, too. You should totally aim to WIN that challenge, Joy. You can do it!!

  4. I hear ya. But you sound like you have it under control. I love the pool but when the weather gets cooler it's hard for me to put the swim suit on and face the cold air. I hope after recovery from my surgery I can get back into the groove. You go win that prize!