Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is you driver's license accurate?

I just checked my driver's license and I am finally smaller than the weight listed on the card!

I know I'm weird, 20 plus years ago, when I got my Oregon license, I listed my real weight which was 228 pounds.

When the licensed was renewed last year I was over 273 pounds and the DMV person did not say a thing about changing it to the correct weight....I was probably the joke of the day. I can just hear them talking about the really fat lady trying to pull off that she was 228 pounds, when I was clearly a lot heavier than that!

Won't be long before I will need to get a new license!! Too bad, I actually like the picture on this one.

Have you checked your license lately? Have you lost so much weight that you have to get a new one?



  1. I just redid my ID card and told the dude my weight was 138. It isn't yet, but it will be soon.
    Love this post.
    Soon you will have to have a redo anyways.
    Thank you for the kind words on my post.

  2. Ha ha ha ... this post cracked me up! I went and got my purse and dragged out my license to see what was on it. Sure enough... it didn't match ME.

    It was issued 5 years ago, and I gritted my teeth and put down 398 pounds. And THAT was a lie! I was over that at the time, somewhere around 415 or so... but just couldn't put down a 4 number. So I lied. Sigh... If you knew me, you'd know what a big deal lying is to me. Hate it. Hate being lied to, hate lying. But I lied.

    I wonder... is there a law that says your license has to match how you really look?? Hmmm... I've lost about 85 pounds since that license. Nope, the pic looks different, too.

    Well, now you have me thinking! I think when I get into the two-sies I will get a new license pic!

  3. I had to get a new picture license last July when I turned 55. I am happy to say that I was able to change to a lower weight than on the previous one and believe me, there'd been some major "fudging" going on when I gave that weight many years ago. I gave my goal weight for the new license and hope to be there soon. To make matters even better, I'm one of those people who actually has a GOOD pic on her DL.

  4. A few months ago mine matched what I had lied about several years ago but now I weigh less then my BIG fat lie said...LOL

  5. Ours don't have weights on them....almost makes me wish they did....

  6. Mine has always said 250. Even we I was over 300, I couldn't bring myself to change it. I'm fat does it really need to be that accurate! I can proudly say I am below 250 and can't wait until I renew it in a couple years!

  7. I haven't checked mine for so long I don't even know what it says for my weight. I do know that it's got my height wrong. It says 5'2" and I'm only 5 foot.

  8. I grew up in Connecticut, and they don't list weights there, but when I moved to Illinois I had to list my weight. I had lost some and was down to 297, but gained back up to 305 by the time I got the ID - I lied, and said 295, and then I never made it back down. So one of my short term weight loss goals is to make the card untrue - but in the opposite direction!