Monday, September 27, 2010

Trying to find balance

I am up 2.4 pounds. Why you might ask? Poor planning, self indulgence and it's fall time!!

I absolutely love the fall. My house has been decorated for fall since the middle of September! I love the food, weather, smells and the cozy days and nights!!

This weekend our son and his new bride came home to visit. Of course that means a party right? So last week I went shopping for all of the food and goodies for this "event"! I filled my shopping cart with yummy goodness and displayed it on the belt for the cashier to check me out. I was mortified by what I saw. I thought, this load of food and goodies does not look like it belongs to someone who is trying to lose weight and get fit. Yeah there were some veggies and some healthy things, but the bulk of it was junk food!

But it's fall, that means I must buy candy and goodies right. I mean I need my comfort food!!!

Well I did the damage. I bought everything. Came home and displayed my love for the family with Mama's "love" language ~ Goodies & Sweets! We had candy corn ~ only because I have this glass pumpkin that is so cute when it it full of the stuff. Fortunately I don't like candy corn and will only eat them in a case of emergency. I hope to never get that desperate ~ They are yucky, but oh so cute! Then of course we had sour candies for my boys, M&M's for the grand baby. and Carmel just in case we wanted to make Carmel apples. Well that not so bad, except....

I also wanted to make cupcakes for my grand daughter. She likes to help me decorate, so I bought two cake mixes. I wanted to make 24 cupcakes so everybody could take some home. So I made up my "TWO" cake mixes and finally read the box and realized that each box makes 24 cupcakes. We ended up with over 48 cupcakes!!! YIKES!!!!

Well I do have a little common sense left....Up to that moment I had not had any sweets yet, so I still had a brain. So I bagged up the left over cupcakes and threw them in the freezer and we frosted 24 for the family. My grand daughter is 2 1/2 and she helped me decorate them. I can't believe she stayed with me the whole time. They were beautiful!!

Then we went to the apple farm. Can I tell you that I did lose my mind there! We bought the most beautiful, huge, crispy apples, and we bought some candied somethings...I don't even know what they are, but they were good and we bought candy coated Carmel. Fortunately, instead of diving into the sweets right away, I decided to tackle an apple first. It was delicious!! By the time I was done with it, I no longer craved the other sweets. Whew!!! But I ended up only having a couple and I was done (Usually, we eat half a bag of goodies even before we get home) So there is some progress!!!!

That night we had a wonderful dinner. A culinary delight I might add. My son and hubby are quite the cooks. We had Jamaican Jerk BBQ'd Chicken with sauteed Mushrooms, a Veggie medley of carrots, sweet peas, onions and garlic, rice pilaf, cheddar biscuits and pumpkin bars for dessert. The evening weather was wonderful and warm. We lit our canopy lights, fire pit and table candles. The atmosphere was amazing. Everything pulled together so well, the texture and taste of the food, the atmosphere and company, well it was indescribable ~ I had a blast!! (OK I'm back now!!!)

So needless to say, I'm up 2+ pounds. The extra food did not help, but I also did not exercise for 3 days and forgot to take my meds ~ which can account for a pound or so.

Yesterday, I gathered the left over candy, put it in a box for next time and put it on a high shelf, way out of my reach and I froze the left over pumpkin bars, cupcakes, oh and I forgot that I made poppy seed muffins too. They all went into the freezer. Thankfully once something is out of sight I forget about it, as long as I keep myself well fed with healthy things.

I'm back on task today, already exercised and had my oatmeal, worked half a day and had a great healthy lunch. I will keep focused and remember how I feel today, so that the next time, I will prepare and handle myself better so that I don't set myself up for these little set backs.

Getting through this first food eating event was difficult. How do you handle them?



  1. How could you not gain a pound of two when surrounded by all that goodness!?!? I attended my nephew's 1st birthday party on the weekend and it was all I could do not to indulge in cupcakes galore. Oh my...those are my weakness! My secret weapon is to have a healthy small meal (salad, soup or the like) before going to an event. That way I'm less likely to go overboard.

  2. well, I don't get me any cupcakes. But I don't have anyone visiting either. lol.
    my two big days coming up are thanksgiving and Christmas eve. I will be avoiding large meals till then. It will help me get the last 15 pounds off a 'bit' quicker I hope.
    Not too quick though. as I have been eating maintenance for 130 pound woman and I am only creating a calorie deficit of about 200-300 a day. thanks for the kind comments on my blog..especially the enjoying my kids one. I do, even if I forget to sometimes. I try to swing the other way and give it all I've got to make memories while I have the chance. Have a good one joy.

  3. How do I get through food eating events? I would do what you did. I would realize that family is key and the event doesn't last forever. You make whatever choices are available to you (like filling up on fresh apples), send the goodies home with the guests and, most important ... get back on track. You've lost 50 pounds .... I'm here to get advice from you!

  4. Thank you for the award. That was very nice of you! It made my day. :-)

  5. Getting through the food eating events? It may sound really cliche, but I'm working hard to make them less about food. For some reason our society ties everything to food and there's no good reason for it.

    I know that's way easier said then done, but I've phased it out gradually. There doesn't have to be a tray of treats sitting out in order for people to visit, and I truly don't think I'm the only one that appreciates it.