Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is it September 9th already????

I can't believe it's the 9th of September already. Time is flying!!!

I am back from our son's wedding. We were in Colorado for 5 days and had a blast!! Our son and our new daughter-in-law got married at the Denver Bronco's Stadium. It was an awesome ceremony and the setting was amazing! It was a little humbling being in that big stadium, almost all alone, standing on the field, with the bright lights shining in my face. It was a pretty awesome experience!!

I survived this vacation, stayed on my plan and lost 2 pounds!!! I am now at my lowest ~ 50 pounds lost!!

This is what I did....

1.) For breakfast and lunch...While everyone else ordered their usual.....Hamburgers, fries, omelets, eggs & bacon etc...I ordered oatmeal, blue berries and toast for breakfast and salads for lunch.

2.) For dinner I had what everyone else had, except I ate smaller portions. Fortunately my food choices were chicken and veggies so that was easy. I also enjoyed dessert!!! Well I was at a wedding and on vacation....what do you expect? My brother-in-law served an amazing dessert...BBQ'd peaches with vanilla ice cream and a berry topping. It was great!!! Because I did such a good job with my regular meals, I decided that I would allow myself the treats, IN MODERATION ~ OF COURSE!!!

3.) I walked a lot and was able to get to the hotel gym 2 times. I did my regular workout using their treadmill and weights. (They had an awesome gym!)

4.) I drank a lot of water!!! Very dry in Colorado!!!

I was really pleased to see that when I stepped on the scale on Tuesday that I had dropped those 2 pounds.

The best part was, I did not even keep my diet clean because I wanted to lose weight while I was gone. I did it because I feel so much better when I don't have foods that are bad for me.

Did I want to order a hamburger and fries? YOU BET...But I weighed the cost to me first....Weight gain, sluggish sick feeling in my stomach, heartburn, grease coated tongue, etc. I am so glad that I made the right decision to stick to what I know and what works for me ~ EVEN ON VACATION!!!

I tell you I felt great during this trip. And another thing...I just realized that I usually get stomach cramps and diarrhea when I travel...but it did not happen this time...Hum I wonder if it's the food I used to eat when I was on vacation, which was anything and everything I wanted.
I am guessing that the good choices I made this time, helped me out a bunch.

Most of the people I knew at the wedding, last saw me when I was 50 pounds heavier. Out of the 10 people I knew only 3 people said anything to me, personally, about the weight loss. I was disappointed because I thought that maybe I did not look that different, or I had not lost enough for people to notice. So I told my hubby that only 3 people had said anything to me. He then told me that everybody was talking to him about it!!! They noticed and thought I looked great. Which made me feel pretty good.

My mother-in-law was very complimentary, she just gushed on and on. I was almost getting embarrassed. But from her it was an awesome compliment which I cherish!!

I have to say that I caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror and could not believe it was me. SO AWESOME!!!!

Anyway, enough about that. Just glad to be back home. Still trying to get everything else caught up. So much to do!!

Hope you are doing well and I hope you are focusing on your plan!!!! Keep it up, it is so worth the effort!!!



  1. Great job keeping focused while on a vacation! That must be a seriously difficult task. And hooray for your loss hitting the big 5-0! ♥

  2. Great job Joy! You did fab. eating in moderation is key. and you did a bang up job. Way to go on working outside your comfort zone.

  3. Sounds like you did fantastic! That's so awesome, especially on vacation!

    Have a great time camping!

  4. Welcome home. :-)
    Sounds like you have a great vacation, in all ways.

    About the challenge question: I joined Shelli's new challenge, you can read about it here:

    Congrats on the 50 lbs off!!

  5. That's WONDERFUL! I love posts like these. I love knowing that someone has the same thoughts as me! Great work!

  6. Awesome job!!! Moderation is a beautiful thing :)

  7. So exciting to lose that much. Congrats on that and the wedding. Glad you are home safe.

  8. Good for you on the weight loss!! You knew what to do and you did it. That is fabulous!

    Don't let the lack of comments get you down. I've discovered that people don't always know what to say. They notice and think you look nice, for sure, but for some reason they don't know how to articulate it. Besides they told hubby!

  9. Hey, I gave you a blog award over at my site.

  10. Yay for you! Glad you had a good trip. :-)

  11. How cool to marry in a stadium like that? Very different. Kudos on the losses!