Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Goal

My goal of losing 60 pounds in 8 months is over...So far I've lost 50 pounds. I did not make my goal that I set, could be disappointing, but I have to tell you that I am thrilled!!! I am amaze I made it this far!!! It's been a long journey and I have learned so much!! When I started out, all I had was my food journal and I was going to exercise. That was it, that was the plan. As I got into it, my plan grew into what it is today.

Journal food and calories (1500-1600) every day
Exercise (Treadmill - Mornings / 5 days per week. Weight lifting and cardio / 2 nights per week. Water aerobics, biking, or swimming / 1 night per week.
Water - drink at least 72 oz every day

Has the journey been hard? A little, but mostly it's been a wonderful experience. I can say, that 8 months ago, if you would have told me what I would have to do and where I'd be in this short time, I would not have believed it....

When I looked at weight loss before, all I could see was work, work, work.....journals, exercising, counting calories and water intake, changing my food selections, limiting foods, shopping more often for fresh foods, menus and on and on....I would be so overwhemled, I would not be able to get started....

I just did not have the energy for it!

But here's what I did. I did not look at the whole picture, I just took one thing at a time. Really my grandiose plan started with a food journal and I was going to exercise. That was it! After I got started, I began to add new things that were "beneficial" to my body. I did not freak out, I did not stop to see how much I was adding to my day, I tried new things - some worked some did not, I just moved on and kept with what worked for me.

Once I found my plan that worked. I DID NOT ABANDON THE PLAN AND GO FOR SOME QUICK AND EASY FIX. DID NOT TRY NEW DIETS, PILLS, OR FADS. I just stayed with my plan and slow but sure I'm down 50 pounds. The great thing is, I am not stopping....I'm still REALLY MOTIVATED AND FOCUSED on continuing on with my journey.

Here are some of the things that I experienced in this past 8 months....

  • Started out with a journal and started exercising

  • Got two exercise over use injuries (knee and a chest wall contusion)

  • Had to go to weeks of physical therapy to overcome the injuries\

  • Started working with a personal trainer

  • Went to a Nutritionist

  • Started blogging my journey

  • Had some set backs - Working through an iron deficiency, experienced a lot of stress from work, and had a couple of plateaus

  • Did I tell you I experienced a couple of plateaus? Yes I had them. Many weeks with no weight loss or I would even be up a couple of pounds.......Just kept focused!!

  • Starting counting calories and water intake

  • Got my exercise plan in place - Exercise 5-6 days per week now!

  • Got a full length mirror

  • Clothes - Went from 22-24 to 14-16

  • Tried new things - Rowing on a dragon boat, rode my bike a long distance by myself, volunteered at my church - without hubby, and many other things...
    Created a bucket list of fun things to do for the summer. Had 15 items on it and was able to get 12 of them done. Usually summer is over and I think of all the fun things I would have liked to do and then it's over and did not get anything done. We had a blast this summer!!

  • Did a 5k and beat my time from last year. Even ran some of it!

  • Have lost 15.75 inches

  • I like getting my picture taken

These are just a few of the cool things that have happened in such a short time.

Next goal: 20 pounds off by Christmas!!!

Do you set goals? Do you want to join me in setting a new goal for Christmas?



  1. Yes, Joy, I have a goal and we should be able to help each other. I hope to reach goal by December 31 and guess what, it's exactly 20 pounds!! We can do it!

  2. I need to make some goals for Christmas i'm just working out what a good one would be. Besides losing that is :)

  3. I'll join you in the goal to lose 20 lbs by Christmas. We can do it!

    I think you have the key to success, and that is find what works for you and do it. It sounds so simple, but it is hard to ignore the prevailing 'wisdom' of the day and do what you know to be the right thing for you.

  4. I will also join you to lose 20 lbs my Christmas. I agree with Lori, we can do this. You have done amazing..

  5. Wow - you've accomplished some incredible things in these past 8 months! I really need to set a goal for Christmas. I find myself struggling now that the weather is turning chilly, I've got a cold and the nights are getting dark much earlier. I need a good goal to chase down!

  6. Cyberspace ate my comment - argh!!! I just wanted to congratulate you again on all you've accomplished in these past 8 months, Joy. All these small victories add up to one big achievement - making your health and happiness a priority! Keep it up!!!

  7. 50 pounds, wahoo!! Wonderful progress, great attitude, and I loved your list of things experienced.

    I'm looking to lose about 35 pounds by Christmas, so I guess I am with you. I'm not sure I can make my 35, but 20 sounds totally doable!


  8. Great positive attitude! I think that's one of the keys to reaching goals.

    I'd love to see what was on your bucket list!

    I'd also love to join you to lose 20 lbs. by Christmas!!

  9. I'm SOOOO proud of you! You are an inspiration to me, especially your attitude!

  10. Hey, I gave you an award over on my blog :)