Monday, January 10, 2011

Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one struggling out there? I have found that I don't want to write on my blog anymore, because I don't want to admit that I'm in a bad place. Am I the only one?

For me it's hard to admit that I am weak. I have way too much pride to let you know that I am struggling. I guess I've just wanted to give you nuggets of truth, when the truth for me, is positive and motivating. But what about the truth of depression...of injuries...failure...disappointment...weakness...and the lack of strength to fight through this journey? What about those things?

If you don't know what I'm talking about and if I am the only one struggling, then don't read any further...

The past few months have been hard for me, I have had depression, injuries, frustrations...all of the above things I mentioned above and more. Yet here I am....

If you are in the same boat as me....what are we going to do about it?

Some easy to stuff to do...



We can FIGHT!!!

Even though things have been hard...not perfect...not working how I want...not going the way I want or even achieving anything....I am still pushing forward. Everyday I do things to help me get to my goal. Some days it's just one thing, but at least I pushing through.

Each day I feel a little stronger, get a little more clarity on what I'm supposed to do, a little more energy and a little more desire to get this done....Today is a good day!

So even don't feel good, feel like it or want to....Stay on your plan, keep going, and don't ever stop!!!

Stay focused!!



  1. Sorry to hear that you're struggling. I think it's this darker, colder, post-holiday time of the year. You're not alone. I think things will turn around for many of us soon. We need more hours of sunlight (and I'm not kidding.). I just did a post on blogging frequency today. I have had to recharge a bit. You have come a long way, so you know how to do it--hang in there and stay connected at the level that works for you right now and be kind to yourself. Sometimes we need that!

  2. Fight, girlfriend. I've been there. You can make it.

  3. You are not alone girl. I have my big bouts with struggling, I tell ya. My struggles aren't just with the food but with my emotions and my perspective of situations and my life. Then when I am down, I don't feel like I can call or reach out because who wants to talk to someone who is depressed? But sometimes that is when you need to talk the most and work it all out... then you move on. It's not always a quick process either and often it is on going.

    So I just wanted to convey that you are not alone. That we all have struggles - the highs and the lows. I am sorry you are experiencing a valley right now. Hang in there and take care of yourself. It will change. Even the scriptures say "and it came to pass" - lucky for us they don't say "and it came to stay"! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.


  4. been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, then bought the sweatshirt. 1st few months were the hardest and I still have my days now and then. but like you said (and implied) it's best to stay on the path, trudging forward ever so slowly. nothing is ever easy-but then again if it were everyone would be doing it. I also remind myself that although my progress is slow, I know that when I get to my weight destination it will be easier to maintain.

    By the way, I beg to differ. You are NOT weak. While we all experience a sense of failure, a bought of depression-it isn't the end of the world; just a gentle, humble reminder that we are not only human but women. xoxo

  5. Oh yes, I have definitely been there. I notice when I'm not doing well that I shy away from everyone and everything - including my blog. Like the woman above me said though, you are NOT weak. It takes a tremendous amount of strength just to post on your blog and ADMIT that you've been struggling, so I commend you for that. Now move forward and continue fighting the good fight! You can do this, Joy! I'm right there with you. :)

  6. I'm with you, Joy. Sorry to hear you're having a crappy time. I was where you were a couple of months ago. But now I'm in the zone. I know I won't always be, but quitting is not an option. This is life. We are here for you. Please keep posting. This is YOUR journey and by exploring your issues you will get stronger and learn ways to cope. You can do it.

  7. You have no idea how much I am with you! I could have written this post!
    and I will tell you this... enough is enough! we need to get it together!
    I am brutally honest on my blog. oh , I am so far from perfect. I struggle every day - with something! ( :
    Let's motivate each other!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  8. I'm with you, that dark, tough place.

  9. Yes!! I am with you!
    let's do this thing!!


  10. I think darla hit it on the head- we will ALL have periods when we struggle (if this was easy, we all would have been healthy a LONG time ago!) and we eventually get back into our groove but only if we keep fighting. This journey may be one crazy roller coaster ride, but getting off is not an option!!

  11. I am totally with you. Nov and Dec were not great times for me. Which is pretty apparent in my lack of posting and reading of blogs. I just wasn't in the mood for being in this world. However being in the real world sucked. I had to drag myself out of this cycle. I am trying to be back in the swing and not despair.

    You can do it!!!

  12. Many months ago, I read a blog post in which the writer, who was having some weight loss success, wrote that she couldn't imagine how someone could lose weight and then go back to the unhealthy choices that they once had. She couldn't imagine how anyone could give up like that.

    I quit reading that blogger. It wasn't that I was jealous; it was that i knew that pride and ignorance were speaking and that she would find out exaclty "how someone could do that."

    We've all found out how that happens.

    Now, I want to find out how it stops! I want to find out how the strong days happen and then stay.

    During the second dhalf of 2010, I lost nothing more then time. In fact, I have some pounds back. I want the secret of the strong days. I know how to do the strong talkd--I want to know how to make the talk stick.

    If you find that, let us know.


  13. Hi Deb,

    I am so glad you wrote back tonight!! I have really missed you!!! I see your name around and I read your wonderful and uplifting comments, which I really appreciate!!! I am so sorry you felt you could not read my blog anymore. I have felt very sad about that. Yeah I was probablly pridefull and ignorant on so many levels ~ please forgive me for that!!! But you know I'm trying! Life has been really hard for me since about September, two more stinking injuries, and other things I won't bore you with. All I can say is, I have not quit. Still don't want to go back to the old me and gain back my weight. That's what I've always done before - quit!! I guess the secret for me is to keep on striving and pushing and not giving up. Thankfully I am still here!!

    I have to tell you the new year has given me hope! I am finally starting to get my spark back. I got a Bodybugg for Christmas (finally got it up and running) and it really does seem to help. Example. tonight I needed 288 more calories to burn in order to make my goal. So my hubby and I got our clothes on and out the door we went. We walked 2 miles and I hit my goal. Never would have done that before or would have even known I was short. Pretty good and helpful gadget.

    Anyway, I wish I had the magic pill, but it's not out there. For me I just have to keep going, making good choices every day and most importantly - never quit!!!

    So lets do this thing....And get it done!!!

    Keep focused!!!