Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Shakin' Going On,,,,

Well I just visited Tricia and she gave me a good shake!!! Check out her blog today and come back.....I'll wait for ya!

Well Howdy...Welcome Back....

Did she rough you up? Yeah me too!!! I posted the following comment on her blog and realized I just discovered something I had not thought about....Check it out...

"Sometimes I have thought if I could just go through life and this journey without my head I would do a lot better. I have stalled my progress, sabotaged my dreams and just plain stopped myself from achieving what I was created to do.....Because I AM AFRAID!!!

You know I never realized, until now, how afraid I really am to succeed....You know hiding behind a wall of fat has kept me very cozy, shielded from the world, from success, from failure, from everything!!! Being fat helps me have an excuse not to do what I am supposed to do, what I was created to do....You know the drill....I can't do it because I don't feel good, I look horrible, I don't have anything to wear and/or anything to say, nobody likes me ~ well that's OK because I don't like them either - so there!! I don't deserve to achieve my dreams, or have success or happiness... I JUST DON'T DESERVE IT!!

Have you ever thought or said anything like this?

Well you know what? I'm sick of this and I'm not going to let anything hold me back from what I am supposed to do! I'm am reaching for success. I'm going to do what I need to do to get fit and lose this weight. Then I'm going out there and I'm going to achieve my goals and dreams. I am going to TRY, probably fail a time or two, but I'm going to do it!!! You know what? At least I won't be sitting in my fat cave of death anymore!! I'm going out in this big ole world and I'm going to make a difference!!

So there you have it...

What about you....Do you need a little shake up?

Keep focused!!


  1. I just came from there too.
    Im shaken stirred and ready to pursue what I resist!

  2. Interesting post... I've hear so many people who has lost a ton of weight say that they stil feel fat, even though they were now trim. Scary of we can play mind games with ourselves. Cheers, Rick

  3. Yes, I have definitely felt this way before - on several occasions. Thanks for the wakeup call this morning, Joy!

  4. I completely relate to the fear... but I am working on it! :)

  5. I think of that saying that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I am often held back by my fears. My fears are based on rejection and loss. So that is my mountain to get over but losing this weight for me is about LETTING go of those fears and LETTING go of the pain from the past.

    We do need to be shaken up. It's part of this self-discovery and tackling our weaknesses. So good for you to recognize your fear and take charge. I love your energy girl!!

    God bless!!

  6. Shake it up, baby! Yes, Joy, I have felt afraid of succeeding, for the reason that I will get too much attention and will be in a fish bowl (people watching when I fall and gain it all back). It's crazy thinking, but it's there. That's what I'm fighting now.

  7. Tricia rocks, so do you - Go BEARS!
    Success can be daunting, it is true. Anything worth doing should be daunting to some degree though. BUT, once we get moving towards success, and success see's determination in us; it becomes daunted by US.

  8. Just what I needed to hear today! Thanks!

  9. Gosh, Joy, that was a "hit home" post. I have been afraid, too. Afraid to start this weight loss journey, but, now I am doing it and it feels great. I think it is one of our denial mechanisms, too, that we are afraid. But I am with you. No more!!

  10. Fear is such a powerful emotion! I can relate!