Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just The Facts Ma'am

Hubby got me a Bodybugg for Christmas ~ hey don't get mad at him, I asked for it. Don't think many ladies would appreciate diet and exercise stuff for Christmas, but in our household we get things for Christmas that we would not normally buy for ourselves. So this is what I got.

So far I like it....However, I can already see some of the problems with my current activity and calorie intake.

When I got the thing I was at 221 pounds. Woo hoo for me - That's the lowest I've been at Christmas time for years!!!

Good news right?

So I get everything set up in their system and I wear it the first day. It's kind of neat because it tells you if you need to get more exercise in or if you've had too many calories etc. When we finally got it figured out, I realized that I needed to get in 7000 more steps for the day and it was 10pm at night!! So hubby and I got our clothes on and went for a walk....a 4 mile walk. That day we got my needed steps in and then some!!!

For the rest of the weekend I just wore the Bugg and did my normal exercise and food intake. The Bugg records the exercise and movement, but you have to enter your food into the system. It was just too crazy with Christmas and stuff that I did not get the food part done.

Monday came and that's the day I hurt my back....So no exercise for the rest of the week. Just "normal" food intake or so I thought!

Today I do the big weigh in and dun dun donnnnneeeee!!!!

Up 5.4 pounds!

Just looking at the activity portion of the Bugg I can see that I was down almost half of the steps/activity necessary to at least maintain my current weight. Then obviously I had additional calories that contributed to this weight gain. If I could have at least moved more I would have been a little better off! Sadly I can see why this weight gain happened.

Before looking at the results of the Bugg, I would have thought I did pretty well. Obviously I have a little amnesia problem, because I did not do well at all. I think that's a lot of my problem. I "think" I do well and obviously I'm wrong....In looking back I thought I had moved enough to at least maintain my weight. Oh and I "remember" that I did not have big meals....I ate small portions. But the reality is, I did not move enough and yeah I probably had small portions but just too dang many of them!!

I have been wondering why my weight loss results this past 4 months weren't going as well as I would have liked. I mean I've exercised like a fool and counting my calories...but the stupid scale just does not move.

Here's a little information from the Bugg that I found interesting and thought might explain why I'm not getting the results I want. They say...

"If you're consistently in a calorie deficit, you're losing weight and/or body fat. The problem is you're only looking at your results based on the calories you've logged and research shows that people generally underestimate their calories intake by 20 to 40% (That's almost a quarter to half of one's total calories)."

That is most likely my problem folks!!

So here's the deal.....In order for me to lose this weight and reach my fitness goals.....I need to....

  • Be honest with what I'm actually putting in my mouth ~ EVERYTHING. (My goal is to use this Bodybugg to it's fullest and frequently check to see if I am accurately entering the calories information into the system)
  • Move this body everyday and hit the exercise/activity goals set on the system.
  • Drink all my water

This is my life...I want to make things happen. I want to JUST DO IT and get to my goal.


Are you with me??

Keep really...Just do it!!!


  1. I hear you loud and clear, Joy! I bought myself a Polar heart rate monitor and BOY did that thing open my eyes! The things I thought I was burning the most calories on, was really just making me tired and therefore slower, which = not burning near as many calories as I thought. As they say, knowledge is power, right?

  2. I love my bugg!

    Be sure to really read the nutritional breakdown of the carbs/fat/sodium etc. That tells you a lot about what your food is doing to you. Small portions of things high in the bad stuff is still bad for you and will impact your weight loss. And even though it doesn't track sugar you need to track it. Sugar is added to everything and makes and keeps you fat even when you think you are doing good.

  3. It has been hard adjusting to mine. I've had my Exerspy about a month and still don't have it perfected,lol! One day at a time!

  4. Wow... that is food for thought about how we generally underestimate our caloric intake by 20-40%. That does inspire me to be more vigilant! All those little spoonfulls and licks here and there just add up! So I am with you on having no more amnesia on what I'm eating, and staying focussed and doing the work! Bring it on!!!


  5. Great post! The clinic that I go to now told me that most people underestimate their caloric intake - and I've read it before. Don't forget B,L,T's (bites, licks, tastes)!
    Good job there! I wear a pedometer and have worn it for years. It helps me to keep active.
    I'm with you!
    PS Oh yah, having your body fat tested every few months is a great thing to do - because you really want to lose fat, not muscle. I need to get mine done again soon.

  6. Buy a food is the quickest and easiest way to become more proficient at monitoring your food intake.
    4 oz. of ground beef...160 do an underestimation (which is what I had done for years with banquet chicken, by gosh and golly it adds up quick. get a digital at's 20 bucks and worth it's weight in gold.
    You can do this.
    I got a sony walkman for Christmas so I could have my music while I worked out and I LOVE IT.

  7. The bugg sounds like a great way to keep accountable and really be aware of the energy you're consuming and burning - love it! What a great present. I think my hubs would be too scared to give me something related to weight loss LOL. :)

  8. Happy New Year Joy, sounds like you have solved some mysteries, good for you. I wear a pedometer daily and record my steps so that I know about how much exercise I am getting. Here's to a brand new year and brand new us!!!

  9. Congrats on weighing the lowest you've been at Christmas time for years... a great note to hold onto as you begin a new year of getting healthier day by day... Happy New Year!

  10. I confess, I am from another planet (☺). I have never heard of the bugg. Sounds like a great tool. I was in a slump, too, Joy for many weeks through Sept and Oct. Hang in there and like you said, keep focused! I think you are doing great! Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Joy, the bugg sounds like an app I use on my iPhone to monitor my food intake and exercise output. I too suffered from confusion as to why I didn't loses weight in previous attempts and swore I ate well/healthy. Dang those calories in 'healthy' foods. This time I've used the app the whole14ws I've been on my journey and have been steadily on the losing weight wagon - credit to the application helping me. I am meant to eat 1400cals for a deficit but I log in 1200 because I allowv 200 spare for bites, licks, tastes and under estimation! It works! When I log 1400 my weightless maintains! Interesting huh! Now you have a helpful tool you will find your losses starting up and find your understanding on how you really ought to be eating will change. My mother is truly baffled why she doesn't lose weight - she sincerely has the amnesia too (which in turn lends itself to a 'woe is me' attitude). She needs a bugg! :)

  12. Amnesia...I like that word. I think I have it a lot with the food I eat too.

    I'll be curious to see how much you like the bodybugg in the long run. I've been wanting one too. I'll see how much you like before I get one for myself.

    Happy New Year!

  13. Oh!!! I wish I had put this on my Christmas list! Debbi did a post about the BLT's- bites, licks, and tastes- a while back. I've been working to monitor just taking a bite of something since reading that, because those small bites add up fast! Use that new tool!!