Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Body

So sorry for the lack of posts and time spending reading blogs...But I've been spending a lot of time focusing on my health. For the past year, I have spent a lot of time in the gym exercising. To the point of days where it's hard for me to even move. Good thing? Yeah!

But I've spent less time on my food. Yeah I keep my calories in check, for the most part, but I have really started looking at what "KIND" of food I use to fuel my body.

My body is at a stand still. I am going down, but it's at a snails pace. I have realized, the stall is, mostly due to inconsistency in what I eat and I've realized that I'm not optimizing my time in the gym.

Last night I took another nutrition class and I am finally "HEARING" what I need to hear.

First of all, sleep is very important for me. Especially because of the Hemi Facial Spasms, I need to get my rest. Not just rest but a good nights sleep. So I have been making myself get to bed by 10pm. Last night, I was faithful and today I feel fueled and ready to go. I was awake at 4:30am and ready to get up. AMAZING.

I also heard that I need to fuel my body before and after exercise. Usually I get up and go right to the treadmill. No water. And of course I work hard, but it almost kills me. This morning, I got up and had a 1/2 of a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter. Also working on my first 32 oz of water. Waiting until 5am to get on the treadmill, don't want to disrupt the whole house. So we will see how it goes.

Other things I learned. Optimize everything. For me I love oatmeal in the morning. Of course, I have to have it sweet. So instead of brown sugar, I can use Stevia sweetener or Agave Nectar. I get what I want, the sweetness, but not the added calories. I would love to omit the milk, not a big fan of it, but I have to remember, I need protein. Got to get smart about this stuff.

Other things.....I use most of my calories by 3:00pm, leaving about 300 calories for dinner. It's doable, but usually I have another work out in the evening, so I usually have an apple and string cheese. After that, it gives my very little calories left. Some days I'm over 100 - 200 calories or sometimes more because I get too hungry. So I will be rethinking my daily foods. More to come on this......

Anyway, there was a lot more to the class. But I am learning that I must keep time management in my day. So right now, I'm going to sign off and get my workout done. I will share more of what I learned as time goes on.

Here's to a successful day!!

Keep focused!!!!


  1. Glad you're learning! Good stuff!

  2. That sounds like an incredibly helpful class! I know that my food is my saboteur. It's hard to change it.

  3. Yes, STAY FOCUSED! You're doing great...

    and I understand about time management..I need to work on that!!