Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are you working hard?

Nobody should be working my health and weight loss program harder than me!

  • I have a trainer....she's outlined what she wants me to do. Am I doing it to the best of my ability? Do I do it every I do EVERYTHING she I work I push myself?
  • I have a Bodybugg. Helps me keep track of my food and physical activity. Do I enter my food in each I look at it daily to make sure I have my physical activity up ~ do I reach my activity goals daily?
  • I have many food choices to make each day. Do I make the best choices I I keep my calories in my range for the I pick and choose the best foods that make my body feel good?
  • Do I drink all of my water...take my vitamins...get enough rest & sleep?
  • Am I working every day to have a great and positive attitude?
Just a check list for me to see where I'm at. I can say yes to a lot of these things. Working hard on the others!

How about you? Are you working hard?

Keep focused!


  1. Great questions to ask yourself. Cool you have a trainer! I totally want to get a bodybugg too! You go girl!!


  2. I think I need to post these on my wall and remember to actually do them! There are days that I feel like I can't possibly give any more and then I remember I can!

  3. That's right, no one is going to take care of you but you!!! Gooo girl

  4. Thanks for the reminders that I need to be following my plan of action. Because I'm naturally unathletic, my exercise goes first. When that goes, my weight loss definitely slows down. It all becomes a vicious cycle, but I know it doesn't have to. It's up to me!

  5. YES, I'm working very hard! :) We have to take care of ourselves and take the initiative to get healthy. No one else can do it for us. Well said, Joy. :)

  6. Hi Joy...I'm working hard to get focused again. It's not been so easy lately, but I haven't given up.