Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally the scale is moving!

Last weeks focus has paid off!! Finally hit 219!!! Can't even tell you the last time I was at this weight. Feels great!!! Next milestone 215.

Have experienced a plateau since September. Got to 221...then some things happened ~was under a ton of stress, then I got an exercise over use injury (Tennis Elbow) and had to work through that. Lots of doctors visits and physical therapy. Then depression set in. Christmas with all it's stresses, parties, and indulgences was next and I did pretty well - no significant changes in my weight ~ up and down a couple of pounds. Then the Monday after Christmas I hurt my back. Fourth injury in one year. Depression really hit me!!! Then found I was up 4 pounds and holding. Hopelessness, disappointment and frustration set in. But I did not stop my plan. Just worked through it. Whined, cried and complained a little ~ OK a lot, but I kept going!!

Couple things helped me break through....

1.) All of the support I got from my hubby, family, friends and you helped so much!! So grateful to have people in my life that understand what's happening. I believe without this support I would have abandoned my weight loss and fitness journey. I mean this is why I always quit before. I just did not have enough tools to work through the ups and downs of this journey.

2.) Persevering even though I did not want to. So many days I went to the gym or worked out when I did not want to, did not feel good or just plain felt rebellious. I did it anyway. Crying through a couple of sessions with trainer and experiencing a lot of occasions where I wanted to run away!! But I just pushed through.

3.) Made some decisions to really understand how this whole thing works. Taking nutrition classes, tracking my food and really looking at the amount of food I was consuming. Started measuring and recording everything that went into my mouth.

4.) Increased the intensity of my workouts. Pushed myself to new limits for me. I found I can do more than I thought.

With spring on its way, my new focus and a little success I'm fueled to keep going. So excited!!! I am thankful to have some tools in my pocket to help me through the next rough spot. I have learned so much during this time and I am really grateful that I did not quit!!!

So whatever you are going through, even if you feel you can't, push through. Make the best choices you can each day. DO everything you can to reach success. And remember things will turn around.

Keep focused!!


  1. Joy, this is great news. And I love how you spelled out the reasons behind your success for the rest of us.

  2. Glad the scale is moving for you :>

  3. Glad to hear you pushed through your plateau! An amazing feeling I'm sure :O) Keep on keeping on-and yes, stay focused!!

  4. Awesome news, Joy! Glad you're doing well. Keep it up (down)!

  5. Way to go, Joy! It must feel fantastic to finally bust through this plateau. I had no doubt you could do it....215 better watch out! xo

  6. Love that story. Great laugh.

    Congratulations too, to the moving downward scale. I am so happy for you. I know you know that I also had a stagnant phase last fall where the scale did not budge. Just focusing, checking portions and counting calories made the difference.