Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun Friday!

Yesterday was a fun and focused day. Got up and put in 30 minutes on the treadmill. Really pushed it, changing the speed and incline to mix it up a little. Then it was off to work. Was fortunate enough to get off a little early to rush home. My grand babies were there!!!! We got to play for quite a while. Then I made dinner. Yummy homemade pizza. Boboli whole wheat pizza crust, homemade sauce (tomato paste, tomatoes and seasonings), a ton of veggies, a little Kielbasa Turkey and a little bit of mozzarella (lite) cheese. It was fantastic!!! Had a great food day!

Then my daughter and I hit my home gym. I did the treadmill for 20 minutes while she biked. Then we hit the weights and did a full workout, then it was squats and lunches  (oh, that's funny!) I meant to say lunges...on the Bosu ball, ending with push ups and planks. We were both a sweaty mess when we were finished.

The best part was, when the workout was over, my daughter and I were just laying on my bedroom floor (had to move into that room because of space). We were talking about our workout, about health and our goals. It was a great time, just the two of us....both working toward a goal. She's just 20 pounds from goal and really have about 70 more to go!!

Anyway we were talking about how big I used to be. I wish I would have known then how bad off I was. For some reason I just could not see it. NOW I CAN. Geez I was huge!!! (I remember there were times, when I actually thought I was tiny. It's amazing how your mind can trick you!!!)

Anyway we had a great time together!!

The plateau busters that I shared the other day seem to be working. I'm down another pound!! Definitely losing inches, my clothes are getting big! I finally hit 220!! Can't wait to get into the teens and then.....onederland!!! Can't wait!!! Can't wait!!! Can't wait!!!

Stay focused friends. Do something today that will make you feel good and proud of your journey. Keep at it and don't quit!!! EVER!!!


  1. I'm so happy to see you being so happy, Joy. It truly brings a smile to my face to know that you are enjoying life! What a great thing to have your daughter as your gym buddy....such good motivation!

  2. Great job!! Thanks for the sweet remarks on my blog. I miss visiting the blogs too. I just happen to have a free minute so thought I would stop on my yours. :)

  3. That sounds fun...working out with your daughter! I would love to workout with my Mom, but she just isn't into it. She actually lives only a mile from the gym I use. During the fall, I convinced her to walk around her neighborhood with me, but it was short lived. I enjoyed it when we were walking together. I wish I knew how to encourage her.