Sunday, February 27, 2011

Did not recognize me!!

I go to a very large church. So large, that we have 2 campus' and 6 services. I have known our Pastor for over 6 years. He usually is at our other campus, so I don't see him to often. He knows me and when I see him, he waves and says hi. Usually! 

We have other connections with him and his family other than church. His daughter shares the same In-Laws as my daughter. So we've been to weddings, showers and shared holidays together as well as church functions.

Last night my Pastor and his wife were sitting behind me. When it came time to "get to know your neighbor" I turned around and smiled at him and he said, "And you are?" He said is in a sing song voice, so I replied, "I'm Joooyeeee" How are you? That flustered him a little and his wife said, "P this is Joy S"....He still did not connect who I was, but I could see some spark of recognition come to his eyes. Then she finally said, "You know N's mom".

Finally the light bulb went on and then he said, "You know I thought you looked a little familiar, what have you done to yourself? New glasses, new hair, I did not recognize you!" Then I added I've also lost over 50 pounds. That may have been a factor as well. He said, "Well I thought so."

When this happened, at first, I started to get my feelings hurt. I'm was thinking, "You've got to be kidding me, how could you know know who I am. Really?"

Then I had to calm down and remember that I had not seen him in a while. I guess I have not realized how different I may look to people. Everyone I know here in Oregon, except for family, have never seen me this thin. I too look in the mirror and really see some difference in my face. Kind of like what I'm seeing!!

So instead of feeling dejected and have hurt feelings because someone did not recognize me or acknowledge me. I'm rejoicing!!! Because I'm not the same as I used to be. I am a new creation!

How about you....Are you changing on the outside?

Keep focused!


  1. Rejoice my friend, rejoice!! I've had something similiar happen recently..someone made a beeline to me to say how wonderful I looked and how impressed they were that I'd lost so much weight. In the past I would have said "what-you thought I looked that bad before?" but this time I just thanks-I've been working hard!

  2. Wooohooooo!!! Doesn't that feel AWESOME??? I know you were just over the moon about it. :) I had someone notice my weight loss the other day, and it made me feel great too. Keep it up, my friend!

  3. I sure am. It feels great, doesn't it? I still have more work cut out for me, but I've come a long way. And you...well you should feel flattered!!! You've changed so much he didn't even know who you!!!

  4. I love it when that happens. I admit the first time or two it was a shock to me, but I still thought it was funny rather than upsetting. Enjoy it. You know you look fabulous!!!

  5. 50 lbs is a great accomplishment! I'm working on it. The 'mental aspect' is still a work in progress!

  6. I had people I had talked to face to face not recognize me at all! say hallelujah sister! You're gettin' thinner.

  7. Yes... do rejoice because that is SO COOL!!! I love it. Thanks for sharing. :)


  8. Changes on the inside and outside, Joy, for me. Keep in mind that as we downsize we really do change in appearance (look at all those before and after pictures you see on weight loss blogs. Plus, I think people are a little reluctant to flat out ask: How you lost weight?? So, good for you seeing this moment in a new light and as another great NSV!!!