Thursday, February 17, 2011


I could not wait until tonight to write this!! I have to share now ~ READ LABELS ON EVERYTHING!!!

We had a catered lunch today and they brought in packaged cookies. Big ones! During lunch I declined the cookie as I was full with my mini sandwich and baked chips. This afternoon I felt the cookies draw me to the cafe. I was really thinking about eating one.....Half of one - really I promise!!

But before I opened the package, I turned it around to take a peek at the nutritional content of this delicious snack.

Wholly smokes....It was a whoppin' 470 calories with (20%) 170 fat calories. For one cookie. Even if I only had half and it was unlikely that I could refrain from eating the whole thing, that would be 235 calories for almost nothing!!!!

So not worth it!!!

Here's where the crazy part comes in...I was thinking and I truly was..."Well it's oatmeal, how bad could it be?"

Do you know how long it would take to work of 470 calories. For me...oh about a hour and a half.


I am currently enjoying a delicious, amazing, delightful apple ~ 80 calories.

Keep focused!


  1. Always good advice...the manufacturer's can be sneaky.

  2. The apple sounds better too! Who needs all that high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils? Yuck!
    You are so smart to have looked. I will make sure I do the same!! :)


  3. Yeah... those packaged cookies are really terrible, and when you've been eating whole real foods for a while, they don't taste as good as you remember. Making it 470 really regretful calories. Good for you for not indulging and checking first!

  4. great job walking away from the cookie!! AND great advice on reading the labels!

  5. Now that was excellent. I have been doing lots more reading. Good advice. Excellent choice.
    Take care and keep up the great work. God Bless!!

  6. Way to resist the cookie!!
    you're so right, so not worth it
    a friend who lost weight a few years back was just telling me today. Read all labels and calories

  7. oy...I read the back of one of those sweet roll things..similar..around 500 calories. Not worth it.
    I could have 20 cups of popcorn and a tablespoon of butter...or 15 cups and two tablespoons of butter.
    *wanders off muttering...

  8. For sure! I read labels all the time b/c of my celiac, but sometimes I pay so much attention to the ingredients that I don't pay as much attention to the calorie count - and yikes, it can surprise you!! I did a program at TOPS on labels and so many were really unaware of how to properly read a label (serving sizes etc.). No wonder we have an obesity epidemic!

  9. It's SO worth it to take the time to read labels. I've been learning that all over again lately. Great advice, Joy. :)

  10. When we were on vacation last year in Yosemite, I picked up a "home made" wrapped oatmeal-chocolate chip cookie and was amazed that the calories were in the 400 range! I am guessing we both looked at similar cookies. Definitely not worth it!!! Good for you for turning it over and reading it. Have a great weekend, Joy!

  11. OMG I read labels pretty darn religiously. We've all had that 'aha' moment! I remember really chowing down on this beautiful cashew pesto dip. Incredible. It was a little pot and I dipped water crackers into it. Ate nearly the entire pot, turned it around and saw it was 100 calories a serving... not bad right? ya... like that serving indicated was a tsp. I'd eaten nearly the entire pot at 1000 calories! JUST LIKE THAT. Never again!

  12. Wow! 500 cal cookie? Yikes! Good for you for checking out the nutrition BEFORE you ate it!!!