Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to Basics

We had an awesome summer! It was full of fun and activities. Obviously by my postings you can see that I had way too much on my plate and did not get everything done that I needed to do.

Fortunately my weight has not changed. I have maintained....well with a few ups and downs, but for the most part, I'm the same weight I was since before summer.

However, in all my busyness, I've noticed that I am slipping just a little.

  • I'm not parking in the north forty anymore. Nope, I'm racing for the closest parking spot I can get.
  • Eating good food, but I've noticed that I'm having more food then I need....Like adding an extra half cup of oatmeal. My little container of granola has a quarter cup serving instead of two tablespoons. I'm having more coffee with creamer. Been eating chips instead of rice cakes or pretzels. Eating less veggies and fruit and reaching for prepared foods.
  • Exercise. I've been pretty faithful to running. However, I have not lifted weights all summer. I can already tell my core is weaker and my arms and stomach are flabbier. What an awful feeling!
  • Sleep. Well I'm staying up too late and not getting up early enough to get things done without stressing. I hate that.

So for's time to get back to basics.

  • Need to get more steps in and move this body. So I will be parking way out from now on.
  • No more fooling around with food. I'm going to clean out my pantry and get rid of this stuff. And I need to go back to measuring....because I can't trust my hungry eyes to really see what I'm doing.
  • Exercise. I am going back to my regular exercise plan. Getting in weight time as well as cardio.
  • Sleep...I will go back to my regular bed time. Having everything done and in bed by 10pm.
Did you know...

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

With that said, if I want to reach my goals. I need to make some changes and make things happen!!

How about you....Do you need to make some changes?

Keep focused!!


  1. fun reading this post today. :)

  2. I have done the same thing before. There is that "drift" to larger portions and a poor choice regarding food now and then which becomes more frequent than it should. I am becoming more and more aware of the key role that exercise plays in staying on top of things. If I am exercising regularly I don't want to "undo" it with eating poorly. I was just eating too much of the right stuff. It's time to give ourselves a good talking to and straighten up. Take care.