Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Row Class

Oh my goodness. I loved my class!! It was even better than I had ever imagined!! The boathouse was easy to find and they had free parking (Which is great because these are things that I worry about. Dumb huh?). Anyway, the evening was perfect weather wise. Unfortunately, we spent most of our time in the boathouse learning stuff. We got the run down on the boat parts and how they work. I never realized how long they are. In the water, it's hard to tell that they are 40 feet long. We learned how to row on an Erg Rowing Machine. I have to be honest, I was a little worried about my back. Was not too sure I could do this without pain. Well guess what? With proper training, I did it without any back pain at all. We ergged (rowed on the machine) for about 20 minutes without stopping. I was able to keep up and could have done it for a lot longer. The coach even told me that I was a natural. Well what do you know about that!?!?! So much fun!

The we learned how to take the boat off the rack and we carried it down to the water.

This is not us, but this is what we did.
Now, this thing weighs 250 pounds and we are carrying it on our shoulders. There were 8 of us in the class. We had to go down the parking lot...down a steep ramp and across the dock. It was a pretty good distance. I tell you, 2 years ago, I could have never done this! Then we got to get in....You have to keep one foot on the boat and one foot on the dock and squat down and some how get your butt on the seat. And you do it all at the same time. All 8 of us. We did it without anyone falling in! I have to say, I did not look pretty, but I got it done!! We did not get to row because by this time, our class was over.

Can't wait for Wednesday's class, we are going out on the water!!!

How about you, are you pushing yourself?

Keep focused!!


  1. Good for you. Finding something enjoyabe that is a good work out is a real treat.

  2. I was in a rowing club, many many years ago. I loved it too. :)