Friday, September 14, 2012

Working towards being the woman I want to be!!

Be the person you want to be!!

Good things are happening. Things that help me be the woman I want to be.

Food - For the most part my diet is good. For a while during the summer I was eating good food, just too much of it. Now, my portions are more in line with weight loss and I'm going for veggies now instead of carbs. I'm feeling more in control and focused!

Exercise - I'm back on track with my training for the 1/2 marathon in October and I'm ready to get back to the gym for weight lifting. It been a while and I've noticed that my body does not feel as strong and firm as it did when I was lifting weights!

Stretching myself - On Sunday, I will take off at 6am, heading to Portland, on the train for an 8k race for Race for the Cure.  The stretching part is, I'm going by myself. Well OK me and thousands of other participants, I just won't know any of them. I tell you, I'm ready. I went to the expo tonight and I got my shirt, time tag and bib along with my train ticket and schedule. I will not arrive to this race late, like I did for the Portland Rock and Roll, where I arrived minutes before the race started. Not fun!

The other stretch is.....I enrolled in my row class - Finally!! It starts on Monday and will go two times a week for a month. In this sweep class I will learn safety and rowing techniques, as well as individual fitness and I will learn how to row in an 8 person shell. Can't wait!!

While I was as the expo today, I signed up for the Jingle Bells 5k in December. Now I just need to find a race in November and with that all done, I will have completed some sort of event each month since May. Kind of fun!

So much to look forward. All of this stuff helps me be the woman I want to be. Healthly and fit and doing the stuff I want to do. So awesome!!

How about you. Are you the person you want to be?

Keep focused!


  1. Good luck on your race, you'll rock it! :)

  2. yup...finally signed up for my jujitsu classes. I am on my way. Good luck with your run! Sounds exciting..that and your rowing class. We are both getting there.

  3. Hello my friend! As you know, I've been away from the blog world for a while. I am so happy to see that you have become a runner! I've been running too :)
    I'm back and I'll be checking in here with you on a regular basis. :)