Monday, September 17, 2012


Well I did OK at the Race for the Cure 8k race. I don't have the official results yet, but I think I came in at 88 minutes. Ack that is so slow!! That's almost an 18 minute mile. Now here's where I might get lucky. We started late and I don't know how accurate their clocks are. I'm waiting for my chip time to come in. Hopefully it's better!

You know thousands and thousands of people attend the Race for the Cure. And while the bulk of these people participate in the walk, there were a good number of people who did the chipped run. I mean it was the smallest group of people I've ever started a race with. And it seems that these were a pretty serious bunch of runners. I would say there were only a handful of walkers. So I started out in the middle of the pack, just hoping that I could keep up. Very quickly most of the runner blasted past me and soon I was by myself. Just behind the fast runners and just ahead of the walkers.

I have to tell you, I was so beating myself up! Really frustrated to be where I was. I really had to work at keeping my attitude in check and decided that even though I'm slow, I'm doing it. I was there, pounding the pavement, making it happen!!

The other frustrating thing was, when you fall out of the fast pack, you get stuck with the traffic. Police officers won't hold the traffic back for one runner. So I had to wait for a while. That is so frustrating! I mean this is a timed event. The police woman, said, Sorry....Looks like you need a rest anyway. OUCH!! That was mean....and I did not need a rest! Obviously she's never competed in an event like this. She did not know that time is important!! The last mile was a slight incline the whole way. But I made it without stopping!!

It was a really fun event! They had a lot of vendors and tons of giveaway things. I felt like a little excited to get a free pen! Geez!

Tonight I'm off to my first row class! Can't wait!!

How are you doing...Are you making stuff happen?

Keep focused!

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  1. Dear Joy, You make me smile. 18 minutes a mile .... too slow. It may not be a personal best but what were you doing 12 months ago, well maybe you need t go back 2 or 3 years to make a fair comparison. You are an amazing woman.

    It might seem hard at the moment to keep up your training schedule but you are doing really, really well.

    You know that if you factor in your stops and slow downs for traffic you did well. Stopping like that you lose momentum and I'm sure it unsettles your rhythm.

    Now to focus on the next race.