Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Face in a Window...

A while back, on my way to work , I was stuck in gridlock traffic by the school near my house. As I was "happily" sitting there waiting for the traffic to move, I looked over and saw a school bus that was stuck in the same traffic, only it was going in the opposite direction. It was a cold frosty morning that day, and as I looked at the bus all the windows were frosted over so I could not see any of the faces of the kids who were on the bus, except one.

This particular window had a perfectly clear circle, and through that circle I saw a face. It was the face of a very round teenage boy. You see, this boy was sleeping and his head was tilted toward the window and as he breathed, he created enough warmth to clear the window of the frost. I have to tell you that the circle in the window was quite large. This was a very big boy. Very Big!!!

It sadden me so, as I drove away, I thought about that big boy in the window. I wondered what in the world his life must be like? Why would he want to get so big that he could not even take a ride on a school bus without falling into a deep, long sleep?

Now I know there may be many things that would cause a young person to do this. Maybe he stayed up all night studying or playing video games. Maybe his parents were fighting the night before or maybe he's homeless and this was the first warm place to sleep. Or maybe he was just too physically out of shape and exhausted by the extra weight he was carrying around.

I don't know....just made me feel really sad for that young man.

Then a couple days ago, I saw that same young man again. This time the school bus was waiting for him, holding traffic with the flashing red lights. He was walking or should I say shuffling toward the bus. Don't think I've ever seen a young person move so slow! He finally arrived to the bus and boarded. Seems we were waiting for him ~ forever! Once he was on board, it took more time, before the bus driver would turn off the red lights so we could go. You see, he had to make his way down the narrow aisle to his seat. Finally the red light turned off and we were ready to go.

I have thought about this boy so much. My heart breaks for him. I am sad his youth has been stolen by obesity. He probably does not know or can't remember what it's like to run, ride bikes, sit and play on the floor, play sports and just do the normal things kids do. Now he's facing dating, college and the rest of his life. Fat, barely able to move and/or stay awake!

What's it going to take for us to realize what's happening? For parents to intervene and help their kids, for us as adults to help ourselves to beat this monster of obesity? What's it going to take?

I am passionate about getting this weight off and helping others to do the same. Please know that I am not judging this young man or others like him. Believe me, I pray like mad for them and ask the Lord to intervene in their lives. I'm not judging him, can't judge him, because you see I was once that face in the window....

What are you doing today to make changes in your life and lives of your family? Are you making the right choices to change yourself and your family tree? Can we get this done? Can we change a nation? Can we help young people like my friend in the window?

I think we can!!!

Do whatever you can today, to reach your health and fitness goals. No matter what happens, and I mean what EVER happens. DO NOT QUIT!!! Keep focused!! Do it for yourself first, then your family and then others. We can do it!!!

Let's get this thing done!!!!

Are you with me?


  1. Yes, Joy, I am with you! And so desire to quit playing around with these pounds I've got left. We can always make a difference, but how much more influence we can have when our own goals have been reached! My heart aches for that child and for others I can think of in my own world! Thank you!

  2. Yes, I hear you and I am with you!!

    We have to make what we eat and our health a PRIORITY. How many times do we put more time and money into where we live, what we read, our entertainment, etc. than the quality of food we put into our mouths? It's a society issue that we need to overcome... like swimming upstream.

    We are fighting against a food industry and medical industry that is based on profit and not obtaining optimum health, so WE have to be the ones that literally fight for our health. One person at a time.

    I know I am trying to change the lives of not just the hubs and me, but my children and then hopefully it will be passed on to their children. I pray they do not get brought into the prison of obesity.


  3. I'm with you! I saw a "little" (AKA "young") girl yesterday but she wasn't little like she should be - it always makes me feel so sad. I know the battle that I have, and certainly I'm healthier (able to move more)...but what kind of a world will it be in 10-20 years w/ so many overweight kids. :(

  4. What an incredibly powerful post Joy!!! I'm with you and feel just as passionate about putting a stop to obesity. Not just with myself, but in trying to keep my family (who does not have an issue with weight) healthy. I've changed the way we eat and the way we live. I'm hoping one day to be able to help others like me who have struggled for so long.

    Thanks for the blessing of this post today!!!

  5. I've struggled with my weight since I was 19 when I developed a severe case of hypothyroidism. I have used this as an excuse to not lose weight.

    I have three nieces (16, 18, and 19) who's weights were creeping up and concerning me. Then, I realized I was a hypocrite. I was worried about their weight, but doing nothing to help myself. Now, I am leading my example. Not only am I teaching my nieces about being healthier, but I'm teaching my 4 year old about healthier foods and exercise.

    I WILL be healthier for them AND for me!

  6. I'm with you too, Joy! I would have felt the same way you do, if I had seen that child. Situations like that just break my heart. I've seen children like that, and I just want to hug them and say "It doesn't have to be this way. Can I help somehow?" The best you could ever do though, you did. You prayed for him. *HUGS*

  7. I see it every day. I was watching a woman and her kids...she was thin and her kids...all fat.
    I had a moment while watching her purchase complete crap for those kids where I thought "she should be shot'. Then I collected myself. It's probably her way of expressing love. but it is sooo sad.