Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Fit with Room to Spare!!!

I kind of lost my mind yesterday....after visiting my wonderful mom in law....It was her birthday...(she's so cute - she always says, I get to be whatever her birthday is. So yesterday, with a big ole' grin on her face, I heard her say, "I get to be 79 today!!" So stinkin' cute) Anyway, we went to her favorite restaurant ~ Red Robin.

We used to go there almost weekly before I started my weight loss and fitness journey. Yesterday was a "Treat!?!", so I was excited to go. She always wants to sit in a booth, which prior to losing 54 pounds, would almost send me into a full blown tizzy....I was always scared that I would not fit!!!!

At my highest weight, I could fit ~ barely....with just enough room that I could breath!!

So yesterday, I approached the booth....held my breath...then slid in......and guess what???

I FIT!!!!

With 5-6 inches to spare!!!


While I was enjoying this new freedom.....I looked around and saw others in the restaurant who
are in the same state I was last year. Stuffed into the booth....Boobs on the table....slopping stuff on their shirts.


I pray they will turn their lives around...get healthy...get fit and get that weight off!!!

So glad I did!!

I have a lot of weight still left to lose, but I'm focused and I'm going to get this done!!!

How about you....Are you doing it?

Keep focused!!!


  1. yeah...I remember the first time I was able to not only fit in a movie seat, but I was able to sit indian style..lololol. so I did. Congrats to you Joy!

  2. It's moments just like that one that really makes all that hard work seem even more worthwhile, doesn't it? Looking good, feeling great! So glad you were able to experience that. Have a great weekend :)

  3. The year's of anxiety about sitting in a booth or a desk at school or a bus seat wore me out. It seems unreal sometimes that none of those things are an issue.

    Awesome NSV. That thrills me every time.

  4. Awesome!!! Man, I can't wait to experience that! SO PROUD OF YOU, JOY!! :)

  5. What a great NSV!! Movie seats, rides at the fair, plane seats.. They used to cause more anxiety than they were worth! So glad we're all taking steps to beat the seats!! :P

  6. that is awesome Joy!! Great little milestone and red robin all in one!! I love their fries.