Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Bandaids to Back Braces!

This is getting ridiculous! Another stinkin' injury!! Yesterday was my first day of vacation where I could do something fun. I was in my craft room working on my friends quilt and I reached over my worktable to get something and all of a sudden I experienced extreme pain in my lower back!!!

So here I am, totally extended over the table and I try to stand up but the pain was immense!! The only thing I could do was stand hunched over and to try to slowly lower myself into my chair...once I got there, all I could do was just sit ~ I was unable to move! It took a long while before the extreme pain subsided. But it did finally and I was able to walk, gingerly.

Today my back is a little better. I was able to get on the treadmill for about 38 minutes, at a very slow pace, but I got on the dumb thing!!

I am so frustrated with injuries!! This past two years has been one thing after another! First it started off with the Hemi facial Spasms, which included months and months of doctors and tests. Then since last January I got a knee injury (still healing), chest wall contusion (healed), tennis elbow (still working on this one) and now my back.

It was strange...because just the other day I was thinking how "lucky" I was that nothing has happened to my back. I've always felt strong there. Hummm...wonder if I jinxed myself!

Anyway, I am truly at a loss as to why I keep getting these injuries. It's not like I'm doing stupid things and I'm getting what I deserve. No these things (the knee, chest wall and tennis elbow) were from exercise over use and now the back problem is from just moving my body.

I often think the reason I have bad experiences or times of trial is because my experience will eventually help someone else out. Because I've been there, I will be able to be more compassionate, understanding and an encouragement to others while they go through the same experience. Most of the time it is true and am able to help and most of the time I'm OK with this process.

However, for whom ever I'm going through this trial for, I wish you would get it, so I don't have to keep doing this!!

No really, this is probably for no other reason then I'm just getting old and I have to realize I still have 70+ extra pounds on this body and I'm just not ready to put it to test like I've been doing in the past. I really push too hard!!

Anyway, just as always, I'm not going to let this injury get me down. I mean, gosh...I know the drill...Anti inflammatory, rest, ice, heat, taking care of myself and time. I've done it all before, I will do it again!!!

What about you...are you staying injury free!! I hope so!!

Keep focused!

Hey - word of warning!!!!! Just because a tiny chocolate santa looks innocent. Don't believe him!! I just ate 2 - 170 calories each!! Yikes!!

No really you have to keep focused ~ ON EVERYTHING!!!!!


  1. I feel your pain. I think the Lord has blessed me with my injuries to teach me patience. I must be a slow learner. Get better soon. smile

  2. Its awful that you are going through this but it sounds like your spirits are high and your determination is fierce. That is what you need.

    I don't let fat chocolate men in my house or any of its cousins or distant relatives because they inevitably find a way of sweet talking their way into my mouth.

  3. Joy, I SO feel for you. I've had my lower back go out 3 times in my life and have never experienced pain like it before or since. The last time it happened I was simply throwing away a piece of mail, then WHAM! I was on the floor in spasms. Had to go to the ER by ambulance. Be very careful and very aware of how you are moving for a few days while those muscles loosen up a bit, and good luck. Sending big (but gentle) hugs to you!

  4. Poor thing! I really hate back pain. and the spasms...oy! For me, I guess I'm lucky. While I suffer from horrible lower back pain, many times I can "walk it out" (the more I walk the better it often feels). Occasionally I will get spasms and just lay it out.

    Earlier this year though, I started suffering from foot pain! Nothing like trying to walk and feeling like you have cement wrapped around your feet (with nails in the cement). THe unofficial diagnosis is Plantar fasciitis..which is caused in part by carrying too much weight around. Each year it seems to be something different. Oh well.

    Here's to getting older...but most importantly here's to getting wiser and healthier!! good luck and hang in there....

  5. My goodness, Joy. I hope you start feeling better real soon. *BIG HUGS* Oh yeah, those little chocolate Santa's ARE evil. Why oh why do all the delicious things have to be evil?? LOL