Thursday, December 16, 2010

Focus or Quit?

What does it mean to focus? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, (Point #5), Focus means:

Point #5

a: a center of activity, attraction, or example:
great health, fitness and weight loss>

b : a point of concentration

That's right we are focusing on ourselves, doing the work, paying attention and concentrating on getting this weight off.
I've read many blogs lately where people are giving up. I've heard things's too hard, I'm too plan is not working...I can't/won't do it...It's not for me...I've lost some, I can maintain it...This journey takes too much time...I just don't want to do it anymore!!!!
I hear ya, I don't mean any disrespect. But I would like to remind you. If you don't focus on this journey, on getting fit and getting this weight off, I can guarantee you, you will be focused on something else.


1.) All the new clothes that you just bought because you've lost some weight are getting too tight. Now you have to spend time, energy and focus to get bigger clothes. Can I just say, you will need to put some focus and creativity into your budget. New clothes are expensive!Remember buying your clothes at the fat lady store? Do you remember how expensive they are. Even with a sale?

2.) Another new focus will be....Fretting and worrying about fitting into the airplane and theater seats, worrying about breaking furniture, worrying about your kids and being a poor role model for them, worrying that your kids are being made fun of because of you, another budget food is expensive!!!

3.) Oh how about the doctor....What's it going to be like when you go for your annual visit? How happy will your doctor be when they see that you've gained your weight back and then some. Oh, don't tell me that won't happen....How many times has it happened in the past? Oh and what about the costs of the meds you will have to go back on. Hum....lets see....Blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, thyroid meds, diabetes...Just to name a few!!!

4.) Remember when you focused on your health and had so much energy!!! Remember that? Well just think about how you're going to feel when your friends want you to go hiking or water skiing, or your kids want you to play outside, or you want to run after your grand kids, or you want to ride your bike. Sadly you won't be able to. You took your focus off of your fitness goal. Now you "GET TO?" sit in front of the TV all day eating junk food. I remember thinking, at my highest weight, that the only thing I was really good at was watching TV and playing video games. How sad is that? Now I can do many things...ride bikes, water ski, surf, run!, shop til I drop, clean my house without dying, climb stairs, keep up with everybody, go to shows, and explore the world ~ Could not do that from my couch!!!!

5.) Remember when you first wanted to change your family wanted to stop this heinous beast of obesity... you wanted to create a new legacy for yourself!! Remember ~ ~ ~ you wanted to make a difference in this world!!! What happened to that? Do you think you can do that sitting on the couch or isolated in your bed, depressed and so unhappy with yourself? I don't think so!!!

Now pick yourself up, dust yourself off and re~focus!!! Lets do what we have to do to make it through the holiday. Eat as clean a diet as you can, move your body ~ minimize the damage the best you can. I mean it is the holidays, but it does not mean you have to take big steps back. We can do this and maintain what we have accomplished this whole past year!!!

Now lets focus on the new year...Get your GAME PLAN ON!!!! Set new goals...set yourself up for success...AND LETS GET THIS THING DONE!!!

ARE YOU WITH ME!! Dang it ~ I want to hear from you!!!



  1. Awesome post, Joy. This is like a massive slap upside the head to say "Hello! people - get it together!". I LOVE it.

  2. YES... you had me at "What does it mean..." CAN be done. It's NOT that hard. It TAKES preparation. It is SO WORTH the effort! We DESERVE to be healthy and happy!

    Game on!!

  3. I love this post...people think if they quit the diet they will spend less time and energy focusing on the food and nothing could be further from the truth. When I was fat, that is all I focused on. My health and weight consumed all my it takes two hours...not every hour of the day.

  4. Awesome post! You rock, Joy! Seriously, you should really do some motivational speaking or something because you always get my mojo going. :)

  5. Good morning, Joy!
    I've passed on a blog award to you and have left it on this morning's post (12/17) Congratulations! You deserve it :)

    Ellen @

  6. Great post! Thank you for the reminder.

  7. Great post and just in time for Christmas!! I've read a few blogs where folks are planning to just take a time-out until January- bad idea!! You're so right-- time to FOCUS!

  8. Joy - I hear ya girl, and I'm with you! I am focused on this here thing! Let's do it!

  9. Hey Joy...just stopping by because I needed to read this again. You know when you're having one of "those days" and start thinking "why bother?". Nothing negative is happening...quite the opposite, actually. I just found myself getting distracted and well, I remembered this post and thought I'd stop by again to read it. It helped! Thanks so much, Joy.

  10. Love, love, love, love this post!!!!!!!!