Thursday, December 2, 2010

Get Sassy!

Something happened to me last night that sparked a new thing!

For the first time in my life, I went to a dance class. Well it was a cardio dance class, kind of like Zumba. This teacher was AWESOME and I had a blast!!! She had me doing moves that would make my grandmother roll over in her grave!!

Anyway, I did my best and was able to keep up for the most part. There were only a couple moves that I could not figure out, but I am very....very....very determined to master moving my body to the groove.

The class was so fun and so totally out of my comfort level. To me I think I looked like a hip grandma shakin' her groove thang, but mostly others probably thought I was a mess. I did not care!! Oh and by the way, I was the largest person in the class!! Did mind it at all!!

The other fun thing is the class sparked a sassy part of me and got me to thinking about my wardrobe. I remembered that I had a sassy black skirt that I could not previously wear. I dug it out and tried it on. It fit beautifully!! Then I matched it with a tight fitting black sweater and accessorised it with a beautiful red scarf, tights and cute shoes. I look SASSY!!!

I love the way everything feels. The tight fitting clothes feel great ~ No more yards of fabric to deal with. I love the swishy skirt. Makes me feel fun, cute, sexy (oh....that is so funny!!) and just plain Sassy!!

I would highly recommend doing something that puts a little spice and sass back into your life! It's great fun!!!

Keep focused!!


  1. Zumba must be a trend that is spreading all over, b/c I know so many people that are doing those classes!

  2. Oh man... I totally want to try zumba too! I wanna be sassy!!! :)


  3. I tried it on vacation in June. I enjoyed myself but felt oh so uncoordinated!

  4. Welcome back Sassy girl!! :O) I love doing things that make me feel sassy! And fitting clothes (even tight) are a wonderful commodity and a great way to get the sassy back!

  5. That is so awesome! I would love to try something like that. :) Keep at it!

  6. Loved this post. It was so... sassy! I love the word sassy... it's right up there with spunky.

    How wonderful that you stepped outside your comfort zone and discovered this whole other side of yourself. Yay you!

  7. Hi Joy, thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouragement! You're doing great - keep inspiring me! :D Glad you are feeling "sassy" - success makes me feel that way too! Heard a lot about Zumba and we're having a Zumba instructor come to our TOPS meeting in the New Year - sounds like fun!

  8. Love this post, Joy! I can feel your delight!. With so many of my blogger friends trying Zumba and other dance exercise classes, I am beginning to think I might try it.

    I know, too, what you mean about sassy clothes. I bet you looked great! Wahoo! For you.