Friday, December 10, 2010

Inky Black Fingerprint

In looking for inspiration for my blog, I was walking around my house, asking the Lord for a topic. I walked by my beautiful glass table and I heard the word ~ Fingerprint....

What in the world? What could I write about fingerprints that would correlate to my health and fitness journey?

After some thought, this is what I came up with.

This kitchen table is beautiful. It has a sturdy oak base, case iron legs and a beveled glass top. Really not practical for a person with 2 grand babies or the gremlins in my house who like to put their marks upon the glass.

Every day, sometimes multiple times, this table needs to be cleaned. This can be quite a chore, as this table is usually set with some sort of holiday dishes or centerpiece. So many times, all of this stuff needs to be taken off, glass cleaner is sprayed, then all the smudges and prints are removed and then everything is put back in its place.

Unfortunately there is a perpetual smudge of prints. Inky black ones. Seems they are there everyday. Don't know who puts them there or how they get there, but every day, they present themselves for me to see.

The table is me...I have a strong foundation in my life, I'm sturdy, purposeful and beautiful. However I can get very smudgy with the dirt and grim of life!!

I liken the daily, sometimes multiple table cleaning routine to my fitness and weight loss journey. It's a daily inspection to see if I'm on task. I'm looking for the smudges of things that need to be cleaned up, removed or wiped out of my life. Things that hurt me and don't help me on this journey. They are rubbed out and removed from my life. This is done every day!!!

Daily I look to my "Center Piece", which is the Lord. Am I serving Him as I should? Do I get my alone time with Him, read His word? Do I rely on Him to help me through this journey? Need to keep focused on what's most important!

I look at my "dishes" ~ My plates and cups...What do I have going on. Do I have too many things to do? Am I over extended? Am I stressed? Am I on task?

My "Glass Cleaner" which is my food and calorie book. It helps me plan and strategize my day and helps me to stay on track.

The dish towel "My Decisions". It is used to help me decide to make good choices. It helps me wipe away the mess of life and restore it.

But some times that Inky Black Fingerprint lingers. It just won't go away.

That's how I've been feeling for a while. Still fighting the Tennis Elbow ~ Going to physical therapy 2 times a week, and it still does not feel better. Now both knees are acting up. Having pain and a lot of popping and snapping! Then I got my first ever tension headache. Never had one before. My head feels like I have a tight cap on the back of my skull. Some times it feels like I have a face mask on. The pressure is intense!! No pain though...which is good, but the sensation of the pressure in my head feels horrible!!! Things feel cloudy and I feel disoriented. Not a fun thing!! Then finally, stress. I am so trying not to go there, but, unfortunately, I'm stressed!!!

I am still focused on my plan. I examine my routine of exercise and food intake daily. Nothing has changed there....It's just the gloom of injuries and sickness that I am having a hard time shaking off.
This Inky Black Fingerprint of pain needs to go ~ NOW!!!!

So in the whole vast configuration of Inky Black Fingerprints.....The solutions is....

Do what you know you need to do ~ Daily!!! Push through the hard stuff. Eliminate stress where you can. Keep focused....And don't EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP!!!

We can do this!!!

Are you with me?


  1. I just love these kinds of posts and this is a good one! Thanks, Joy!

  2. I, too, like Sharon loved this post!! I love the analogy you made with the fingerprints and taking acre of our health. You are so right on, Joy!!

    I hope that headache was not a migraine. They are the worst. The way you described the pressure on your head and the disorientation make me think it is, but I am no medical expert.

    stay strong and I agree with you: Never, never give up.

  3. Such a wonderful post, Joy! Are you sure you aren't a writer? :) Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today. *Hugs*