Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Do you know your "WHY"?

Are you struggling with something? Something you want to do, something big? Are you stuck?? You are? Me too!!

I'm facing some daunting things in my life. Fun things, inspiring things, things that will help change peoples lives. Things that will change my life forever!! The most amazing things.....

And I'm scared!!!

Do you ever feel this way?


This morning, I was feeling so overwhelmed with all of the possibilities. Excited, scared, excited, scared. My emotions were all over the place!!!

In complaining to my mentor, by email, I sent her all the reasons for my fears and failures....And as I was writing out all my Wah~Wahs and shortcomings, telling her my failures, I realized that I was also writing out my "Why". Why I want to do what I want to do.

The "Whys" was coming out strong and clear that I want to make a difference in this world, I want get to my goal weight and be fit and I want to help people! Not just help them with weight loss and fitness, but also spiritually and even down to food and clothes if that need is necessary.


Most of my Wah~Wah's and crying was due to all of the obstacles that I've been getting, stopping me, or slowing me down from achieving my ultimate goal in helping people.

I realized this morning, that no matter what.....those obstacles are not going to stop me. I'm going to push through them.


I'm facing some running events in the near future. Right now....I'm at the beginning of my training. My goal is to run some 5k's between November - February, a 15k in March, 2 half marathons in May, 1 half marathon in June and a mini triathlon in July.

Did I say I had some daunting goals ahead?

YES I do!!

Right now, thinking about it, makes me a little queasy!! So I had to stop and think about this.

Do I even want to do this? If so, "Why" do I want to do this?

Am I doing this just for the recognition....the medals....the bibs that hang on the wall......?

Or am I doing it for the right reasons - For my physical health, mental health and my own healthy competition?

I've decided that I'm doing it for my overall health and because I love to run....I love getting that runners high and I really do love the discipline it takes to accomplish this type of goals! That is the reason. That is my "Why" I do what I do!

If I did not have the right reason for doing what I do, then I would have needed to make the decision to not participate in this activity.

My goodness, life is short! There is no reason why we should push ourselves into things that we really don't want to do. If you are like me and you do that to yourself, the stress and pressure of it all can put me into bed for days. I get physically sick - I can't handle the pressure. This is so not worth it.

The other thing is, if I feel like I'm doing something I'm not "supposed" to do for myself, then I'm wasting my time and delaying things that I really "need" to do.

So for the big things in my life....Right now, I'm finding my "Why" for each thing. If the end results of what I'm trying to do, does not line up with my "Why", then I'm making a decision not to do those things. No more wasting time....No more frustration....No more Stress!!!

Once I found my "Why", I realized that I am no longer afraid. My resolve to achieve my goals is stronger and now, instead of feeling overwhelmed and scared. I am energized and ready to charge forward to reach my goals!!!

I've made up my mind.....I'm preparing for my races and to tackle the other big things in my life!! They are lining up with my "Why" and I'm going for it!!

How about you? Are you ready to discover you "WHY"?

Have a fit day!!


  1. Great post. Finding out what we really want to do is good but nothing works better than knowing the Why? It takes us through the hard places and there are always plenty of those to try and trip us up.


  2. Hmmm....finding the why (for me) is difficutl. But I do know that I WANT to make changes because I don't want to be on an unhealthy journey nor on a one way street (that leads to a dead end). I am ready to discover the TRUE why, not just hte why that is accecpted/expected by society.