Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's Just a Window "Pain"

It's a bright crisp Oregon Sunday morning and I'm so enjoying it. While reading my Bible and enjoying my day, all of a sudden I hear a tremendous crash!

This tiny bird, who obviously had a tremendous goal within its sights, ran directly into my window....Not sure if it hit it because the window was so clean (ha ha) that he did not see it...or if the goal was so big, it did not matter!

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever been suddenly stuck or stopped in your plans to reach your optimal health and fitness goals? Have you had your goals in sight, you were were aiming right for it, and just before you get there, you see the window (an obstacle) right in your way? And because the pain of that broken glass (Life's problem - too busy, sad, divorce, problems with kids, THE HOLIDAYS, family issues, work issues, sickness, too tired, THE HOLIDAYS, etc) you abandoned your goals?

Are you going to let those obstacles keep you from reaching your goals?

Or are you going to be like that bird...You're going for it, no matter the "pain" of any obstacle that's in your way and you are going to reach your goals!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

Do anything and everything you can to achieve your dreams!! You won't regret it!!

Have a fit day!!!

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