Friday, November 15, 2013

Well I can't believe it.....but this is me!

Down 88 pounds so far and reaching closer to my goal. I'm 186 pounds right now. Just 6 pounds away from the last time I remember my weight before I ballooned up.

Years ago, I remember weighing in at 180 pounds, then the next thing I knew I was well over 200 pounds. And gradually through the years I had gained another 74 pounds. Topping out at 274. Yikes!!

It's been an amazing journey!! I'm finally losing weight and I am reaching for optimal health and fitness. With this new program that I'm on, I can see my goal of reaching 140 pounds is in sight!! Can't wait!!

Let me know if you are interested in reaching your weight loss goals in 2014. Email me at Please forward your phone number and best time to call you back.

Come on...Lets rock 2014!!

You've got this!!

Have a fit day!!!


  1. You look great. I might need to take a harder look at what you are doing. My weight has bounced around the same numbers for months. Not what I want but I do feel good and weigh lowest in 20 years.



  2. Good for you! You look fabulous, and quite young. When the thumbnail came up, I thought you'd put up a picture of your daughter.

  3. Yay Joy! You look great and sounds like you are feeling fantastic too!