Sunday, October 2, 2011

Challenge Results

Last Monday, I decided to do a mini Challenge  (from Monday - Friday) to finish out the month strong. Again, I was up a couple of pounds and weighed in at 213 pounds last Monday. I've been hovering around 210 all summer and was bummed that I was up at 213 again. My lowest over the summer was 208, but I've had trouble getting there again. So I wanted to put in some focus in last days of the month to see if I could make a difference in my weight loss. This is what I wanted to do and what I got done....

  • Exercise daily ~ I exercised Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and NOT FRIDAY!
  • Drink 100+ oz of water ~ Got all my water in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and NOT FRIDAY!
  • Calories under 1700 ~ Weekly average 1681
  • Blog daily ~ This should have been an easy one - as I love to Blog! ~ I got it done Monday, NOT TUESDAY, Wednesday, Thursday AND NOT FRIDAY!!
Not bad, I could be proud of this....But I'm not. I mean what's most important is moving more and eating less and I did that, and I lost 3 pounds this week, which I am grateful for, but what I'm disappointed about is I did not do what I said I would do. That's my frustration! These goals are not hard. They are things I really wanted to accomplish this week. But obviously  I let other things, again, interfere with my plan. Like what happened to FRIDAY? 

I spoke to my Daughter yesterday about reaching goals. I told her that I just have trouble getting things done. And she brought up something I thought was very insightful for me. She said, you know, when you are reaching for something, it does not have to be perfect! You just have to do it! CAN'T BE PERFECT ALL THE TIME! Just do SOMETHING toward reaching your goals. For example.....

On Friday, I knew I needed to do my exercise. The problem was I got up too late to do my regular things in the morning and I don't ever go to the gym on Fridays (so I did not even think about it) but I still could have taken a walk at my lunch time or in the evening with my hubby and I most probably should have done my physical therapy exercises anyway. I should not have given that up. So there are ALTERNATIVES I can do to get the goal done!
Water....Just get it done, it's not hard...just do it! 

Same with the calories. I just have to do this! 

Blogging....well I just got too wordy on one and could not get it out and then on one, I forgot to push publish, so I had to do it the next day. My daughter gave me some ideas on how I could have made this happen...I could have put out some little teaser of the ideas I had that would take time to write. At least I would have had something done and not missed a day.

So it does not have to be perfect and when setting seems I need to think ahead of  ALTERNATIVE things I can do in case my day gets away from me.

Soon I will be setting new goals for October and I am going to reach them!!

Here's last weeks Fitness Challenge Info:

Workout Summary:

Monday: Total 20 minutes 
20 minute~PT Stretches 

Tuesday: Total 115 minutes
40 minutes ~ Treadmill
20 minutes~PT Stretches
55 minutes~Water Aerobics

Wednesday: 20 minutes
20 minutes~PT Stretches 

Thursday: 57 mins
37 minutes~Treadmill
20 minutes~ PT Stretches

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Total 60 minutes
40 minutes~Treadmill
20 minutes~ PT Stretches

Sunday: Total 20 minutes
20 minutes~PT Stretches

Weekly Total: 4 hrs  52 mins   (292  mins)

Work Out Reflection
Really boring!! Still limited with my back, which is frustrating. I felt good some of the days and push a little and paid for it the next day. Will I ever learn? 

Work Out Goals for This Week:
Hope to be able to do more this week. We shall see :-)

Keep focused!


  1. My calories and water were good for the mini challenge...AND I blogged everyday! That is big for me :) I didn't exercise on Friday because I knew I would be running early the next morning and needed fresh legs. But I did have a gain this week...UGH!

    Your workouts are great!

  2. You reached for your goal and it worked for you down 3 pounds; congrates! I reached for your goal as well but gained a half a pound... it was not my week I guess. New goals this week to reach for. Keep motivated that is what matters.

  3. Hi there Joy...I wrote out a nice long comment, but for some reason I'm having a hard time getting it to go through. It's been like this the past several times I've tried. So this is me trying again!!!

    Love you!!!

  4. Goals can definitely be changed. A very wise daughter you have, Joy!

  5. and no, I didn't comment...I haven't been good about that lately...persistence not perfection. You have the right attitude Joy. You'll get there.

  6. and it's tuesday already.
    Im off to, I hope, rock this one. :)