Friday, October 14, 2011

Surviving Injuries Series #2 - Listen to your Body!

If your are like me, you hear the cry of everyone else's needs before you hear your own. A lot of how I get myself into trouble is I don't hear the first pang of pain. No I hear it when my body says, "I'm not going anywhere!!" This even happens with illness. I feel a sore throat coming on and I just keep pushing until it's the full blown in the bed, sick for 3 days deal.

When what I should have done is to listen to my body and taken care of myself....EARLY and before it blows into a real / major problem.

So when my back first started hurting....I got my first jolts of pain...but I did not listen...I just kept pushing through my workout. Then after that it was a flurry of activity to get ready for camping. So here I have a small pain in my back and I'm lifting heavy boxes, bending, twisting and doing everything I should not have been doing. Then the whole week, I'm lifting and toting my grand babies everywhere....ALL GOOD THINGS....BUT WHAT I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING IS TAKING CARE OF MYSELF AND RESTING!!

The neglect of myself has turn into almost 2 months of pain and physical therapy. And a big fat delay in my fitness program.

Right now I don't think it was worth it. A couple days and maybe even a week of rest most likely would have helped me a ton!! I know what I did do, pushing through or more like bull heading my way through, did not help me!

So I'm learning to listen to my body.

I'm even starting to think about the following.....

  • Got a headache ~ Take an aspirin
  • Got a cut - Put on a band aid
  • Sore tooth ~ Go to the dentist
  • Need a hair cut & color ~ Get it done!
  • Need clothes & shoes ~ go shopping!
  • Hungry? ~ Eat something
  • Full? ~ Stop eating!
I need to keep asking myself "Do you have a need? If so, do something to take care of it". Looks like I need to listen to more than just my body. I need to learn, if I have a need.....I can and should take care of it right away. No more putting myself on the back burner. I'm important and deserve to be taken care of!


How about you do you listen to your needs? Do you do something about them?

Next up discipline & attitude!

Keep focused!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. If I had paid attention to the initial symptoms, when I had e-coli, it could have been treated with oral antibiotics rather than 4 days in the hospital on iv antibiotics!

  2. I am really good at learning things the hard way so I'm all about trying NOT to learn the hard way anymore. You hit the nail on the head with this post. LISTEN and take care of yourself! I think we want to believe that we can do this and do that and hurry and get it done, but sometimes we have to accept that we need to slow down and it can wait. I stink at that, but I'm still learning.

    Take care of yourself girl, you are cherished and loved by many!!
    God Bless...

  3. Hi Joy,

    sorry to hear about your back...... what a pain!!!

    Take care and remember this post - SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2011
    Leap of Faith Continued...

    You really are a very special person.