Saturday, October 1, 2011

Leap of Faith Continued...

The other day, I could not spend my day like I usually do....Doubting, looking at things from the outside ~ not engaging in life, being frustrated, stingy or sad. That day I set myself up to live!

So while driving to work, with my blog post wording (from the other day - Leap of Faith) still ringing in my ears, I decided that I was going to extend grace and politeness to my fellow drivers on the road. You see...usually...I'm running on the edge of late and have my drive time, timed to the minute, and I cannot have ANYONE get in my way. If they do....well I become this woman that I do not want to be. I'm mean, think awful thoughts about the person, swear (under my breath of course!), and then I arrive at work frazzled, angry and a smidgen late. Not good for a manager to do!! Not setting the example I want and need to set. Then this makes me even madder and then the day goes on......Sometimes good, but a lot of times, if I start my day off like that, the rest of the day does not go well.

So that day, determined to be different, I set out for my mornings drive. Well can I tell you first of all, that it was a gorgeous drive? It was sunny and kind of foggy. The fog, was laying low to the grown and looked all dreamy. Then the sky was blue and super clear and the temperature was crisp and cool. It was the perfect fall morning. Had I not decided to relax, I most likely would have missed this beautiful gift from God! Anyway, I'm driving along....I'm kind of on my almost running late mode...But I'm determined to not let that ruin my day. So I see this person who needs to turn in my lane, so I let them in with a wave and a happy smile on my face. This persons presence in my lane, causes me to not get through the light, they did though, and I wished them a happy day. Because of the lateness of my morning, I hit two school zones and had to go 20 miles per hour. This day, I did it happily and did not edge toward 25 miles like I usually do...I know....that's bad!!!! Merging onto the highway, again, I was happy to let people get into my lane and I moved over to accomodate others. I also did the speed limit to work ~ ~ all the way. When I got there, I was actually 7 minutes early! Now when I usually leave at the time I left that day, I would be about 2 minutes late. HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN? I parked in my usual spot, in the north forty, and semi walked and skipped to my office. It was a joyous time for sure!!

Now here's the fun part, when I got into the building, it seemed they put in new lights or more lights ~ or something....because it was so bright and cheerful!! I literally checked it out, because it was so different than the day before. Even in our suite, every thing looked cleaner and brighter.

Could it really be that my attitude could make that much of a difference!?!?!?!

It must because things were different. I was different!!

That was a great day!

Here's the daily devotional I had that day.

Risky Obedience Comes With A God-Guarantee
by Jon Walker

“Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of.” (Luke 19:26 MSG)

Risks of faith require us to take Step 1 before we see Step 2. God uses risks, large and small, to stretch us into a life of faith. The irony is that if we concentrate on the risks instead of God’s faithfulness, we fail to understand that the greater risk is remaining independent of God.

If we believe what we say we believe, then regardless of what we are able to see on the other side of a faith-related risk, the reality is that God is there. What may appear to be a no-guarantee situation actually comes with the greatest guarantee of all — a God-guarantee — that he is working everything out (Romans 8:28; Jeremiah 29:11).

With a God-guarantee, you can enter into the risky obedience of attempting things that are impossible unless God gives you his strength to do them.

With a God-guarantee, you can enter into the risky obedience of loving other believers so deeply and richly that you prove to the world that you are filled with God’s inexhaustible love.

With a God-guarantee, you can enter into the risky obedience of loving your seemingly unlovable neighbors, just as God loved you even when you appeared unlovable.

With a God-guarantee, you can enter into the risky obedience of changing your priorities to match God’s priorities, in faith sacrificing what you cannot keep for the things that can never be taken away.

With a God-guarantee, you can enter into the risky obedience of telling others about Jesus and teaching them how to faithfully follow him (Matthew 28:19–20).

God guarantees you will succeed when you take the risks of faith he asks you to take. What step of faith have you delayed because you’ve been uncertain about God’s guarantee?

Give God permission to clear any obstacles in your life that keep you from trusting his promise (that, in itself, is a risk that requires faith, isn’t it?).

Have a fantastic day - Stretch yourself!!!

Stay focused!!!!

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  1. Love your grace and positive attitude you extended in your drive. See attitude is everything!