Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Surviving Injuries Series #5 ~ Strengthen Your Body

I never knew how really weak I was before I started this journey! I used to fall....I used to fall a lot! Going up stairs, going down stairs...I'd fall while walking, sitting on chairs, and while carrying stuff. One time I was be-bopping outside one of my favorite stores. I had just found a great outfit and I was so excited! So I'm strutin' my stuff back to my car and the minute I stepped off the curb, I fell flat on my face.

Another time, I was coming out of a store and I was feeling all benevolent and wanted to "help" out by carrying my packages so no one would have to retrieve my cart. So I decided I would gather all of my packages, on one arm....this is Christmas time, so I had a few......and my car keys in the other hand. So again, I'm struttin' to my car and just left the curb and all of a sudden I fall. This time, I fell on a glass bowl. The only thing I was worried about were my keys, oh and I was in the middle of the road, but my car keys flew across the parking lot and I did not want anyone to get them. I guess I was already in shock. Anyway, I try using my arm to get up and it feels all funny and wet. I look down and I see a gaping hole in my arm and blood is gushing everywhere.  I landed on the bowl, cutting my arm and a small artery!

You can see why I have a little phobia about shopping...

When I called my Hubby to ask him to come get me from the hospital he wanted to know why I could not drive myself...why did I need an ambulance to come get me. When I told him I cut an artery and they would not let me drive, that kind of calmed him down. When he went back to the store for my replaced packages, he was shocked by the amount of blood that was covered in kitty litter.


Other things about having a weak body. I did not know that my legs were so weak. Carrying extra weight and weak quads does not help your knees. That's most likely why I had my knee problems in the first place, then when I started exercising like a wild woman I aggravated the problem. The physical therapy tech advised if I would get more weight off and get my quads stronger this would help my knees and he was right!!!

Again....I was told if my core body was stronger, I would not have had this problem with my back.

So the bottom line is.....there are so many reasons to strengthen you body....

Because I'm stronger I've stop myself from falling. I cannot tell you the number of times that I've caught myself before falling down the stairs. Had I not had the strength I have now, I would have fallen. There's only been one time that I fell and that was this summer while I was carrying my grand baby. I had her in a football hold with one arm and I was walking along. The next thing I knew I was on my way to the ground. When it was all over, my daughter kept asking me if I was OK and I was like, "forget about me, how is the baby?" My daughter let me know that she was OK but she was worried about me. Apparently, I lobbed my grand baby away from me and did not fall on her. She suffered no injuries. Because I was strong enough, I was able to get her out of danger and I did not fall on her and crush her!

Because I'm stronger my knees don't hurt.

Because I'm going to get a lot stronger, I will avoid more injuries in the future!!

You know the thing I worry about I get falling and breaking a hip!! That scares me!!! I want to get this body in shape so this does not happen to me!

How did I get stronger?

First of all. I listen to and do what I was told by my physical therapy tech and my trainer. I also listen to my body. I work hard in the gym ~ consistently. I push myself and keep pushing my body to the next level. I do what I can and most importantly....I never quit!!!


How about you.....Are you strong?

Next up ~ Perseverance!

Keep focused!

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