Saturday, October 22, 2011

Even Though!!

Even though my computer is at the shop - that does not have to stop me!! So I put my thinking cap on and remembered I can do this on my IPhone. I know I'm amazing!!!

Anyway...I heard some thing the other day that has been mulling around in my beady brain. And here is is.....

There is a difference between trying.... And doing!!! Just do it!!!

Think about it!!

Keep focused!!!


  1. Yep, just like Nike's slogan. Just do it! :)

  2. That is an inspirational thought, must keep that one in my head. Thnaks!!

  3. amen.
    it is just GO AND GIT TO IT huh?


  4. Yep, just do it.

    Joy, I really liked your surviving injuries series. I, too, was very weak before I started this journey. Physically and mentally weak. I was out of breathe just going up a flight of stairs. I could not ride my bike. Could not walk far. I do feel stronger now. I have a way to go, but am so glad I am where I am now.

    Have a great week and hope your computer comes back all fixed! michele

  5. I give you credit blogging from your Iphone. I tried a few times and it took me forever!!!! So sorry I have been behind on blogs lately. I have been so busy training for that half marathon but its all done now and i am back to blogging. Plus, the snow is on its way here so that means more time spent inside...


  6. My computer is a goner with a virus! I need to figure out how to blog from my phone!
    YES! Trying doesn't cut it... does it! Just DO IT!
    Have a pretty day!