Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Surviving Injuries Series #4 ~ Attitude!

Well first of all....I don't know if you've noticed or not....but attitude has a lot to do with everything! Our attitude matters in how we handle things at home, school, work, with our families and friends, especially how we handle our weight loss and fitness and then importantly how we handle injuries.

Now I've been all over the place with this!! When I got my knee injury, I was told by the physical therapy tech that I would never row or run. My attitude was..."Oh yeah? Watch me!!" and I did it! Then I got the chest wall contusion...that was just a blip on my radar. Kind of a nuisance mostly.  Then my knee started acting up again, kind of worrisome, but I kept pushing through. Then it was the tennis elbow injury. This injury kind of set me back. I'm like what the fig...Will I ever get a break? I could tell then, that my attitude was slowly going in the dumper.

Then came September...yet another injury...and frankly the depression set in. All the other injuries, I was sure that I would heal from and carry on. But for some reason, I thought this was the nail in my coffin ~ literally! I thought...."I've got back problems now....I'll never heal.....it hurts too much to do what I need to do....I've got to stop my journey....there is no hope". PATHETIC I know!!

But you know something. I heard this statement from a radio program of this young woman who was born without arms. She was a determined little thing. I did not hear her whole story, but do you know that she does all kinds of things. She is even a pilot....she flies airplanes...without arms!!! Now she's traveling the world telling her story. She's amazing! 

One statement I heard from her that helped change my attitude about my situation....Here it is.....

"It's our choice to use what we are given....and we have the choice to use it in a positive way!"

It's our choice. It is my choice to pick myself up and do what I can and use this situation in a positive way. 

That one statement helped snap me out of my depression and I changed my attitude.

This ole back problem is not holding me back!! I am not quitting my plan and I am moving forward. I'm pushing through!!!

How about you....are you pushing through?

Next up ~ Strengthening my body!!

Keep focused!


  1. great post Joy! I am enjoying your posts! Stay focused!

  2. AMEN
    and sadly :) I needed the reminder this morning.

  3. I love that quote! Good reminder. It's so easy to not take responsibility for our choices but to just feel that our circumstances cause us to feel or do what we do BUT I know we always have that choice. I have that choice! You are strong, Joy and can overcome your obstacles. Hang in there girl!!

    God bless...