Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surviving Injuries Series #6 - Perseverance

This is the last post for my Surviving Injuries Series. However, I think this is the most important part of the journey to restoration and good health. Without perseverance I would have never gotten through!!

All during the journey, while dealing with injuries, there has been a lot of emotions....A LOT!!! I've been mad at myself because I got myself so fat that I've caused my body to fail on me. I've been mad at my body, mad at thin and healthy people....especially the ones who smoke. That really makes me mad. I see these beautiful women, thin women...sitting somewhere puffing on a cig. NOT ATTRACTIVE and not healthy at all. I'm like, geez, if I was that fit I would never do that to myself. (I know...I know I'm sure people think things about me...but come on....smoking?.....)


Then there have been times that I've been mad at my trainer for pushing me so hard and of course.....I've been mad at God. I know He did not want me to be like this.....but He could have zapped me a little earlier to get rolling with the program. (No Lord....don't do it now!) Whew!

There has been depression, sadness, frustration, IRRITATION, stalled progress, stubbornness, and crying....lots of crying (Do you know that it is really hard to exercise while you cry? The mixture of sweat and tears is not a good the same time! Plus what do you do with a runny nose.....YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW!)

Anyway, lets just say there are a lot of emotions that go into this!


Have I thought about it? Oh yeah I have.

My reasoning is...I have pain, plus all of the above emotions now....and I had all of that when I was 66 pounds heavier....what's the difference. Pain is pain right? "So lets just quit so we can COMFORT ourselves with food". (This is me talking to myself......Bad me....Bad!!)

Fortunately the sensible me did not follow that dreadful advise. No I kept on with my plan.

I did not quit!

I listened to my body!

I made adjustments in my plan!

I adjusted my attitude!

I strengthened my body!!


Today I'm about 90% back to normal. I can do most everything I did before. A couple of things kind of give me some problem, but each day, I can do a little more!!

Here's a little information I found, not sure who it belongs to, but it helped me get through this injury...

Energy matches energy in this world. It's a law. It's stated in many ways...

  • Like attracts like!
  • What you focus on is what you get!
  • What goes around, comes around!
  • As ye sow, so shall ye reap!
You are an EXTREMELY POWERFUL person, whether you have figured this out or not. And you are always using your power ~ use it wisely!

If you want to change, you have to change your pattern or model of living that you learned in your life.

Because whatever you focus on is what you move toward.

So during this process.....I thought of good health, I saw myself active again, I saw myself thin, I focused on getting well and I changed a lot of things. And you know what? I'm moving forward!!!

How about you? Are you moving toward your goals?

Keep focused!

PS: My brand new computer is now going back to the manufacture today. I will have limited access to a computer. Not sure how long it will be before it comes back. No matter what is going on in your life right now, do everything in your power to reach your goals!!!

Love love!


  1. Hi Joy, thanks for your comment. I am in Clackamas! YAAAY!! A local fellow blogger, I am so excited! I hope your day is great!

  2. Love this! never, ever, ever, quit...once you quit it's over. Great post.

  3. Attitude is so, so, so important. This post is a great reminder. I've thought the same thing, as far as, "Well I'm struggling now and I was struggling 50 lbs again so, why am I doing this?" But the truth is that there are enough reasons to fill a book.

    We will always have setbacks, weight loss-related and otherwise- that's life. But we can choose to have joy and health and accomplishments, too. We can let "life happen", or we can try to live the life we want to lead.

    Hope your comp gets fixed soon, and keep going strong! :)