Thursday, March 22, 2012


Have you ever had to wait for something that you REALLY wanted? You know, like you're the finalist for a job and you're waiting for your offer....or you're waiting for your baby to be born.....or you are waiting to be seated at a restaurant and you are super hungry…or you’re waiting for this health and fitness journey to be done? Sometimes during the waiting time....OK for me, most of the time while I'm waiting, I'm IMPATIENT and ANXIOUS! And while I'm impatient and anxious, I miss out on all the other wonderful things of life that are going on all around me and it's all because I'm too focused on my ultimate goal.

I know that time tends to drags when you are waiting for something to happen. I usually live eat and breathe the thing, I want, until it gets here and then it happens....I got what I wanted. The funny thing is, before I know it, after everything was accomplished.....5 days has rushed by, then weeks, then months and then years fly by without a blink. But while in the midst of my anticipation, time drags on and I think I will never make it.

But here's the deal.....Time does go by and I will make it through. After going through a time of anticipation, I always look back and wonder why I put so much stress on the situation. I usually have regrets about why I did not try to enjoy the process more and can see that I missed out on some great experiences along the way. I missed out on some stuff because I was so impatient and anxious to get to my goal.

Here's what I'm talking about.

I am two plus years into this journey and I have about 2 more years to go to reach my goals. THAT IS DAUNTING!!!! Admittedly, the first two years, of my journey, I HAVE BEEN IMPATIENT AND ANXIOUS!!! But in looking back, those two years flew by! It really seems like yesterday that I started this journey. That's why I love keeping this blog, because it helps me keep track of the time. If I would go by my memory, I would so be screwing up my posts because a lot of the past things I write about seem like a month ago. Then when I go back to prior posts, I find that the thing I’m talking about happened over a year ago. That blows my mind!!

So because of my impatience and anxiousness, I cause myself a lot of stress and stress does not help me to enjoy my life during this process.

Just like now. I so want to be at my goal. I want it right now. But there is no way that I'm losing 60+ pounds today. It's going to take a while. So while I'm in this process, I'm going to enjoy...

• How my body is getting stronger each day

• How my clothes are getting smaller


• I’m going to enjoy all of the compliments I get

• Recognize that I’m learning new things every day

• Appreciate that I’m feeling good

• Finally able to look forward to summer (Used to hate summer because of my weight)

• And I'm enjoying all of the new activities I get to do

I guess my point in all of this is......It may take you some time to get to your goals. It's going to take a lot of work to get there, no doubt!! But instead of fretting and being impatient and anxious along the journey, turn that anticipation into joy and enjoy the process along the way. If you keep at this, you will get to your goal. You get to choose whether you get there in agony or with joy!

I choose joy. How about you?

Keep focused!


  1. Great post! You are so right about how looking back it seems like a blur. It really is all about perspective and you are SO positive. LOVE it. I really needed this today because I was in somewhat a funk.

  2. I heard a really good sermon on joy vs happiness, recently that joy is compared to love- you have the ups and the downs, but you choose to love. Happiness is compared to like. It's fleeting, momentary, and based on a feeling. It's more conditional.

  3. i choose joy, too! it's so good to see you again and know that you're doing well! something i've learned in this process too is that we must be patient. boy, it's hard, but you're right - we also need to enjoy the whole process, not get lost in the anticipated joy of the end goal when we can always find joy along the way. xx

  4. amen sister! This is right on!! Oh wow I love it. Great fantastic post. This is a keeper. I need to print it out to remind myself when I get frustrated!

  5. Fantastic post! There is so much joy to be found on a journey like this, it really is possible to enjoy the process and find happiness in our accomplishments, however big or small they are!

  6. Again great advice and I am taking it. :)