Sunday, March 11, 2012

Got my game on!!!

Yesterday Hubby and I went out to check out the 1/2 Marathon course. We wanted to ride our bikes, but once again, it was raining.....hard, so we drove. Our weather is disappointing. It's beautiful during the work week and then rains on the weekends ~ AUGH! while we are driving, I'm taking note of the terrain...I'm interested mostly in the inclines...OK lets be honest....Will there be any hills?

You see I'm freak out when I'm faced with a hill. Walking, running, biking - doesn't matter they scare me!! And when I see one, I just shut down. I told this before, but one day, while riding my bike in Colorado (I swear it's a place that has hills that go up both ways ~ they are monsterous!!) Anyway, we're riding our bikes on this monster hill and Hubby is having a grand ole time on his bike, he's peddling right beside me, doing tricks on his bike, laughing and having a great time (On his $1200 bike) and here's me......huffing and puffing along on my $59 bike from K-Mart....wondering why in the h$&@ (yes cuss words were appropriate for such a time as this) I could not keep up with him. It was a cold and blustery day and 1/2 way up the monster hill, it starts to snow. It was at that moment that I fell off of my bike (OK I really just laid it down) and I'm lying on the road, in the middle of the highway, not moving!! I'm not hurt....just frustrated! Then my brilliant Hubby asks...."Are you going to get up?" And I tell him " me a cab!" I was not moving. So after a little time of me crying and fussing around, I decided to get back on my bike and we headed home. So yeah, hills....are no good for me!

So back to yesterday....we are driving along and I have to admit, there are some decent inclines on the course and I'm like...."I can so do this!" We keep going....and finally we approach it....the mother of monsterous hills is staring me in the face. GULP! The whole time we are driving I'm saying to Hubby..."This is a big one. Oh my goodness." Kind of like a mantra, I kept repeating it over and over. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking. I can't do this!!!

After we reached the top, my Hubby says, "I was thinking about joining you on this race, but after seeing that hill, I don't think I can do it." When he said that something in my head clicked and I began to think that I CAN DO IT!! (Am I a little competitive or what?)

All of a sudden I was thinking and strategizing on how I can make this happen. This is a huge challenge for me and I WANT TO DO IT!!

First off......

  • Need to buy new shoes
  • I've got my training schedule figured out! 
  • Need to get started!
Today, I'm joining Ewa at Trail to Fitness, She's running a 20k in memory for the people who died in the Japan earthquake on March 11th. I will be running / walking a 5k.

Have a successful day!!
Stay focused!


  1. The trick to hills is to actually look down. The ground doesn't look sloped then, and your brain doesn't kick into hyperdrive with the whole hill thing. :)

  2. A great bike is the key! Amazing the difference it will make.

  3. I am so glad to hear that there is another person who is freaked out by hills. We live on a hill and there are hills all around us. They hurt my knee when on walk up them, and I don't think I'm ready to bike on them. Best of luck to you as you get ready to challenge that hill! I think I might look into getting a better bike!

  4. I couldn't help but laugh out loud picturing you laying in the middle of the road! So funny. The words that come to mind after reading this are those I once heard from a smart and funny doctor I met last year. As I was laying on the table waiting for the "exam" all women dread...he walks in with a goofy smile on his face and says..."let's git er' done!"

    So sweet you get ready to head up that mother of all hills, just recite these words and git er' done!!!

    Love you!!!

    You do gots this :)

  6. One thing about hills. They seem to intimidate but in reality, even though you will have to work harder, they provide a sort of relief. I find my muscles get more tired on a flat course. With hills, some muscles get a bit of a break while other ones are working harder. Hills are good. Trust me. :)