Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day Dreaming....

Just doing a little daydreaming of a fantastic new sport that I think, if given the chance, would be quite fulfilling, invigorating and exhilarating! And this sport would be……Scale Frisbee!

Couldn't you just see yourself with your scale in your hand. You are standing on the throw line, getting ready to launch it to soaring heights. You’ve prepared yourself for the throw, you’ve envisioned the whole thing and you are ready to go. Oh and of course, you would toss that baby with your own unique and highly impressive lob sending that sucker to oblivion!!!!


Wouldn’t even need any awards. Just throwing the thing is reward enough!

Great dream huh? Or was it?

I know, I know the scale is just a tool, but there are some days that I would love to see it flying through the air!!

Would you like to lob your scale?

Keep focused!


  1. LOL! I take it the scale was not nice today! Remember the times it was and will be. (But I can totally relate!)
    Keep on your journey!

  2. LOVE IT! This is absolutely awesome. I would gladly stand in line to hurl mine out into the universe!! Some days the scale almost goes out the window! lol

  3. Keep focused!
    That simple word is so empowering. Thanks