Friday, March 9, 2012

Ready for a picture?

Well this is what I look like today - see picture on my side bar. (Under the About Me section) I'm getting there! My official weight right now is 209. I know my ticker says 204, but I had gained some weight back in January and I've struggled to get it off. My trainer thinks its muscle weight as I have increased my cardio and weight lifting a lot. My calories look good too, so I guess that is what the gain was about. I just have to rest in what is....This is where I'm at today and this is what I look like.

The journey continues on and I am more excited and determined than ever to reach my goals. My new trainer is a schemer....she plants these wild ideas in my mind and once they are in there....I just want to make them happen. Like....

  • She says, "Don't you have an hour lunch hour?" And I'm like "Yeah......meh! Why?" She says, "Well you know, you can get more cardio in during that time. Would be good for many benefits. More time moving, better concentration etc. I'm like blah blah blah while she's talking and then the next thing I'm doing is checking out the facilities in our building to see how I can make this work. We have showers and lockers there, so that is helpful. And then the next thing I'm doing is getting my workout clothes together, I bought a lock....Guess what? I'm walking at lunch!
  • Then the another day, she says, "You know, you need something to shoot for. Have you ever thought of doing a 1/2 marathon?" And I'm like GULP ~ YIKES ~ HUH ~ ME? And of course I give her all of my reasons why I can't do this. Then the next thing you know, I'm checking out an event that is scheduled in June and Hubby and I are going to be riding (our bikes) on the race route to check it out. I want to see it visually first. We are riding the course this weekend!
  • Then we were talking about my weight goal. I told her that I'm shooting for 150 and she says, "You know, I can totally see you less than that." And I'm like, "OK 140 then." She says, "No I can see you in the 20's. HUH? Nobody has ever said that to me.
I need to be on guard for every time she says....You know!!

She rocks!

So that is some of the stuff that I'm pushing toward. I'm starting to see myself using my lunch time as a productive time for my health, instead of playing games or goofing off. I'm starting to see myself as a marathoner! And I CAN see myself at 125 pounds!

Do you have people in your life who encourage you, like my trainer does for me? If not, you need to find new friends! It could be life changing!!

Keep focused!!


  1. WOW! You look fabulous! I like your trainer and I don't even know her. I think you have shown that you are on your way!

  2. Wow. You are AWESOME. I totally love your attitude and how receptive you are to going for it. You are looking fabulous. I am just so proud to have read your blog today and you are inspiring!

  3. Your picture looks great. Doing awesome! :)

  4. WOW!! You look great. I've been waiting for that picture for a long time because I knew the difference would be dramatic. Good for you!

  5. Oh my goodness how FANTASTIC you look! See that change for the previous picture! Wow!!!

  6. What an amazing difference and YOU did it.

    I'm sure you can achieve the goals being set.... just believe in your trainer, yourself and your ability to do this. Those photos show me that You can do it.


  7. oh my Gosh Joy! you are soooo skinny! Love the shirt. I love how confident you look...great job! enjoy!

  8. LOVE the new pic! You look FABULOUS!!! Hey, wanna run the HIPPY CHICK with me here in May? I am coming to Oregon to run that and it's a 1/2 marathon!!
    I love that your trainer is inspiring you and getting you to see outside your box... of possibility. Getting a bigger vision of possibilities. We need more people like that in our lives!

    Rock on!!

  9. Wow, Joy, you look great. Not just lighter, but healthier. Congrats!

  10. You look a different person. And talk about all that enthusiasm! You go girl! Next goal - full marathon by the end of the year, yes?