Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So Inspired!

Thanks Friends for all of your support. Things are looking up for sure!!

Couple of things....

  • Last night I went to the gym and one of my Friends saw me after my workout and she said, "Geez, you are shrinking right before my eyes." How cool is that?
  • This morning I was going to have 8 ounces of this new Kefir yogurt drink that I got. It's like liquid yogurt and quite yummy. Anyway, in my early morning trance, I poured myself a glass. And my sweet Hubby says, "Are you having 16 oz of the drink?".....the serving size is 8oz. And I said, "No I'm having just one serving (8oz)." and then he said, "Babe, you have a 16 oz glass in your hand." And I'm like......"What!?!?!" I was so confused. I don't know what I was thinking. I really thought I was having 8oz. I would have been soooo unhappy with myself if I would have had two servings. That like 420 calories for breakfast. Couple of things about this....First off, I did not snap at him for correcting me. That felt really.....triumphant. I know weird word to use, but that is really how I feel about it. Secondly, this really goes to show, that measuring food is the way to go. How many other times, did I make a mistake just like this and innocently have way more than I needed. No wonder the scale does not move at times!! For me....not thinking, being tired, being ignorant of the facts or using my "eye" to measure things is not the best way to go! MEASURE EVERYTHING!!!!

  • I must look stupid when I drive. Every time, and I do mean every time, I'm in the car, I have my water bottle with me. Usually I have it in my mouth, I use the Camelbak kind. I love the orange and purple bottles, wish they had them in red that would be awesome. Anyway, every time I drive, I have one of these bottle stuck to my mouth. Driving is the best time for me to drink water. And seriously, I can't get into the car without one. So yesterday, I kind of embarrassed myself. I was thinking about how, every day I have the same routine, as most people do, and I was thinking about the people who see me. They have no idea what I look like without a bottle stuck to my face. When the thought occurred to me, I got all embarrassed and red faced. Just had a embarrassing moment in my car....alone, all by myself. What a nut!! Anyway, I really don't care how stupid I look or how embarrassing it is, I'm still drinking my water!
  • Went to Aries Apparel yesterday. I love that store! They have the best selection of workout bras!! Anyway, I got remeasured yesterday and I'm finally down to a sized 38. I so hated being in the 40's!! Yeah!!
  • Went to another store and was looking for new workout clothes. Mine are really ratty. I am still wearing the same shirts I did when I was 274 pounds. They are quite large. I love that they go almost to my knees and they are roomy, but there are times, when I need a little more fitted clothes. Like when I'm going upside down on something and my shirt flies up showing everything thing. That is not fun for sure. Anyway, I found my yoga pants that I was looking for, but could not find a shirt. Still not quite fitting into a women's extra large yet. Just a little bit too tight across the chest. ALL MOST THERE!! I thought about going to the men's department....again to find a shirt, but darn it, I want something pretty and feminine. Tired of wearing black or blue boy clothes. I want a pink, or purple, or even orange pretty shirt to wear. I want it to be something that will make me feel great in.  Unfortunately, I will still be using my old shirts until I can fit into the women's sizes. I am very happy though, I did find a pink headband that is really cute! That will have to do for now!
  • Going to the next level...I'm taking workout clothes to work. Instead of sitting and reading or playing games at lunch time, I want to walk. Maybe even do a little running. (When my back is better) Don't know why I did not think about doing this before. Excited!

That's enough of my ramblings....Just a lot going on. Changes and new discoveries are happening every day!! SO excited!!

How about you? Have you discovered something new?

Keep focused!


  1. I have to say things are definitely looking up! :D GREAT that yo are taking workout clothes to work and doing something in your lunch!!

  2. Nice compliment from your workout friend - and congrats on the new bra size! :)

  3. Hi there friend! Keep up the great work.

    Love and hugs to you!!!

  4. That's funny about your water bottle in the car! Good for you.. setting that example ;) You are kickin' it! Love your energy. Keep it up even when it's hard. You make SO much headway in keeping yourself healthy. I really admire that!


  5. three cheeeers for SHRINKING!!!

  6. Awesome! I never leave my house w/o my water bottle, usually my pink one (stainless steel)...I've thought about how my neighbours must see "Mrs. Pink Waterbottle" LOL. I've always taken my water bottle with me (for years) but it's usually the pink one since I got that one a couple of years ago for Valentine's Day from DH!
    Oh and I'd feel "triumphant" also - that's a difficult one, esp being corrected first thing in the a.m.! I think that's a NSV!! :)

  7. Some of my friends are making fun of me for having a small suitcase in my car with workout and regular clothes. I don't always work out when I am out but just in case I have an opportunity (and will), I want to be prepared. A bottle of water and a small towel come in handy too. Some people also carry wipes but I am trying to be good to mother earth. ;-)