Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Head is in the game!!

Had a great food day yesterday, walked on my Treadmill for 40 minutes and got all my water in. I rested my back and it's feeling a little better. At least I can walk OK now. Did a little bit of weight lifting today~low weights, squats, push ups on the wall and stretches. Back feels OK. Just glad to be moving!!

All my life, whenever something went wrong in my body, I ended up with a lot of tests,  physical therapy, and/or surgery. I've had my tonsils out, 2 laparoscopy's, Hysterectomy, a bunion removed, carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and endoscopy's. I've had countless tests, stitches, physical therapy and doctors visits. Before I started my weight loss and fitness journey I was at the doctors at least once a month for one thing or another. Just before I started losing weight, I was on my way to having surgery on both feet to remove bone spurs and repair one of my heels, and while they were there, they were going to stretch the tendons in both calves to give me relief from pain. Also during this time, I was struggling with both knees, tore the Meniscus in both knees and apparently one knee is bone on bone. All the while this was going on, I was still fighting the Hemi Facial Spasms.

So with that said, I hate going to doctors! I hate it!!!!

Since I started working out and losing the weight the above symptoms and problems have subsided. Hum can that much weight loss really make a difference in helping with these problems? Guess so!! And fortunately I avoided all those surgeries!! Yeah for me!

But with all of this working out, doing too much, too hard in such a short time, I've created new injuries....I injured and had to have physical therapy for knee problems, the Tennis Elbow, then a hip problem, then I got a chest wall contusion (from lifting) and now I've injured my back.

With this one (back pain), I almost lost hope. I mean...with all the other problems, I could still do things.....I would just worked around the injury. But with a back problem, somewhere in my beady brain, I feel like there is no hope. That this is it....I'm done. It's either quit working out or have surgery. (Now I have not seen the doctor for this one....and I do get relief, if I'm careful...so I don't know why I'm thinking surgery) So I'm not sure why I'm freaking out!?!?!

I guess part of it is, I'm discouraged. I don't feel like I'm ever going to get a break!

The other day I was talking, with my Daughter, about my Great Grandmother....The only thing I remember about her was that she was old....real old....Actually, she was probably in her 70's....but she was an old 70, if you know what I mean. Every time we went to visit her, she was sick in bed with some ailment or another. Nothing was really diagnosed for her, she was just sick....Sick in her head is what I used to hear.

So I was telling this to my Daughter and I told her I thought she was a hypercondriac....After I said that my Daughter gives me this look.

Now I don't really know what she was thinking, but my little brain was thinking.....Does she think that of me? Oh my goodness. Am I one? Because I have definitely been in the doctors and had many treatments in my lifetime and truly, it's been one thing after another. They have been real things...but geez. Am I one?

I don't want to be!!!

I especially don't want to drone on and on any more on this blog about injuries. I have frankly....had enough!!! 

That's why in my Affirmations, on my side page, I say....that I'm a strong and fit athlete, who is injury free!

I'm done with injuries.....I'm building this body up and making it strong, so I will avoid them. And frankly, I'm thinking my way out of them.....Just not going to have any more!!

How about you....Are you making your body strong!

Keep Focused!


  1. Almost everyone I know, has some back problems...this is the nature of us spending tom much time seating!

    To make you feel better, one of my friends has very serious disk back problems and it does not stop him from anything ;-)

    Best regards,

  2. I hope your back feels better! I don't think you are being a hypochondriac if you really feel this pain. I think of hypochondriacs as people who freak out about non-symptoms and prevention.

  3. I wouldn't call you a hypochondriac. They moan endlessly. You have done something positive about every health issue you ever had.

    Back problems are so common and being overweight is of course a major factor. I too have some problems that at times can be crippling but I've been told that doing core exercises is the best cure and preventative for most spinal injuries. Core exercises are great because you begin gently. Do you do any? I'm afraid to say I need to get into the routine now I'm walking regularly as my posture is not so good these days.


  4. Don't be discouraged joy! Your body will come around. Do you work with a trainer? If you do not it might be helpful to work one on one with someone who can help you stay injury free. Have a great week!

  5. Im clinging to the affirmations today too.
    we got this!!

  6. Joy, hope you won't get discouraged. It is a journey and often a rocky one. Seems that you are facing a big obstacle now but do not stop or go back.
    I know a lot of my injuries and health issues vanished as soon as I lost weight. And maybe it was not the weight itself but the healthier food I was nourishing my body with.
    And don't get hard on yourself for talking about your struggles. Keeping all of that frustration inside is not going to do you any good. We all need to vent ever so often, and trust me, you are not overdoing it.